What Makes Kenworth Trucks So Reliable?

Kenworth Trucks

Kenworth is one of the leading heavy-duty truck brands worldwide. It’s so famous that people with little experience in the trucking sector know about it. So, what makes Kenworth outstanding in an industry with several renowned automobile makers?

The brand’s best aspect is reliability. The trucks rarely break down, and if it happens, you can access their spares easily at any dealership with aftermarket parts for American trucks. 

A Brief History of Kenworth

In the early 1900s, George and Louis Gerlinger started manufacturing vehicles at their home in Portland, Oregon. Their most famous development was the Gersix truck, the loggers’ favourite. However, the company didn’t last long, prompting its purchase by Frederick Kent and E. N. Worthington.

The two businessmen renamed the establishment Kenworth Motor Truck Company. Kenworth experienced rapid development, increased production, and even made some military vehicles for the Second World War.

In 1962, Kenworth shipped its first truck to Australia, fully assembled. This marked the launch of a local assembly line in Preston, Victoria.

Currently, Kenworth Australia has its headquarters in Bayswater, Victoria. The Bayswater assembly line ships vehicles to Japan, New Zealand, Papua, New Guinea, and Thailand. 

If you need any spare parts, you can get them easily at local dealerships. Confirm with the Kenworth website to find reputable aftermarket parts dealers who sell genuine OEM spares. 

Best Trucks in the Kenworth Range

Here is an overview of the latest trucks in the Kenworth range.


The K220 has an 18-speed manual transmission gearbox as a standard. You can choose among the different engine configurations to suit your specific needs. Nonetheless, the K220 is one of the most comfortable and stylish trucks in its range, with premium interior features and a streamlined exterior design. 


The T360 is famous for its versatility, although it is the largest Kenworth truck. It has a short turning circle that makes it ideal for interstate journeys. Also, it has customisable engine configurations and transmission systems, allowing you to tune it to suit your application area. Some of its potential use cases include hauling heavy equipment, ferrying vehicles, pulling cranes, etc. 


The T659 is specially built for Australian roads. It’s highly versatile and can ferry logs, livestock, mining materials, and regular cargo. One of the ideal features of this truck is its custom configurations depending on the intended use. You can choose the off-road setup if you want to use it for logging and mining. For regular cargo, choose the standard on-road configuration. 

The T659 is also famous for its drop-front frame, enabling drivers to install a cooling system to optimise engine performance on hot days. 


Like the T659, the T909 is ideal for Australian roads. It’s available in single or double-trailer configurations and can perform different functions. Many Aussie transit companies like this truck because of its excellent performance, especially over long distances and during extreme weather conditions. 

Where to Get Aftermarket Parts for Kenworth Trucks

Kenworth has an aftermarket distribution channel called Paccar Parts. The company distributes OEM aftermarket parts for Kenworth trucks and its component makers, including Continental, CRC, Knorr-Bremse, etc.

Wrapping Up

Reliability is vital to success in the transport industry. If you run a fleet of heavy-duty trucks, you need them on the road throughout to avoid losses and to tarnish your reputation. As a business person, investing in Kenworth trucks is a great move.

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