Easy guide to networking in any industry

Networking can provide you with many new opportunities and increase your support network as a newcomer. It can also give you the opportunity to try new things and developing professionally by embracing new ideas. You may be motivated to apply new methods or abilities to your work by learning what others have taught you. Here are some ways in which you can begin to network.

Go to industry events in your area

Attending events is a great method to grow your network and interact with other professionals. Any event, whether a workshop, conference, or trade fair, can be used as a networking opportunity for the industry. It’s likely that you will learn about emerging trends in the sector and interact with experts with whom you might partner to launch new services. In other words, you can keep an eye on the sector and identify new niches in which to develop your expertise within.

Join online communities of professionals

Networking begins as soon as you start your training. Both the professors and classmates you’ve interacted with are already in your social network, make sure you try to build rapport from an early stage.

If you don’t have any formal training, there are still many online communities you can join where you’ll find other professionals in the same sector and area.

Use social media correctly

To further increase your network, connect with people on social media! Join online communities that can help provide advice and support for your business. Follow the right kinds of pages and don’t be afraid to interact and engage with them! Not least will you help them out, but potential customers may also find you this way as well.

Maintain a good relationship with your suppliers

Maintaining a good relationship with suppliers is essential, as they will often go that extra mile to help you out if you need it. This could be anything from a supplier of semi-permanent hair colour, to electrical suppliers – always try to establish a friendly and professional relationship from the offset.

Attend training sessions regularly and try to make friends with other students

Attending training sessions regularly can give you a great excuse to network and speak to other students and share ideas and concerns that you may be currently facing. Being able to offer the latest trends and being good at your work will make you more popular and respected in the industry, increasing the opportunities that become available to you.


Keep in mind that networking should be beneficial to both parties and should be win-win for all. Don’t assume that the individual with whom you are networking with will simply provide to you without anything in return. Think about what you can bring to the table.


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