How to make your booth stand out at a business fair

Business fairs mark an excellent opportunity for your company. If you execute your booth well, then you can spread brand awareness while also showcasing the quality of your products and services. But how can you make your booth stand out at the fair? Read on to find out.

Offer useful goody bags

Goody bags can help visitors remember your business long after the fair has finished. However, this requires you to put together goody bags that are useful and memorable. Offer usable freebies such as water bottles and tote bags. From there, you can add marketing materials to your goody bag. By designing and printing flyers and business cards you can ensure that goody bags enhance your brand awareness.

Use colour coordination

Colour coordination is important to your stall too. To begin with, work out what your business’s colour palette is and stick to those options with your stall. When working with your colour palette, ensure that you go for a combination that’s bright and striking to attract visitors.

Bring a mascot

If your brand has a mascot, it’s well worth bringing them along to the booth. This can spread your brand awareness while also encouraging visitors to pop over and say hello. If you don’t have a mascot, you can at least put all your representatives in matching uniforms to create a professional, aligned look.

Incorporate your products

It’s important to incorporate your products into your display too. Even if you have the most exciting booth at the fair, it’s not worth anything if it isn’t highlighting your products or services. Ensure that your products are on full display and try to offer demonstrations or experiences for visitors to try your wares. Just test your display products beforehand to make sure they’re functioning optimally and that they’re ready to represent the business.

Be friendly and helpful

Perhaps most importantly, your staff on the booth need to be friendly and helpful. They should have a full understanding of the values of your business. Plus, they should have the enthusiasm to fully articulate the benefits of the products and services you’re offering. This understanding should also ensure that they’re well-positioned to answer any questions visitors might have. And when the conversation strays away from business, your representatives should be ready to cheerfully make pleasant chit-chat. This can make all the difference when it comes to making your booth stand out.

Standing out at a business fair can benefit your business. It can boost your brand awareness and highlight the quality of your products. And by being friendly and bright with useful goody bags, you can offer a memorable experience to visitors.

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