Top 5 Ways To Increase Restaurant Sales In Summer 2022

The pandemic made everyone miss the usual visits to cafes, restaurants, and bars. Right now, all restaurateurs are preparing for the summer season. Read how to attract the maximum clients.

In summer, cafes, restaurants, and even hotel lobbies try to surprise their guest, serve as many customers as possible and please them with the most delicious dishes, a nice atmosphere, and impressions.

Citizens, as a rule, leave urban areas for nature or prefer to walk rather than sit indoors. Therefore, restaurateurs have to invent something new so that people want to visit their establishments, even if the weather is extremely hot.

In this article, we will tell you about the top five simple but effective ways to attract customers to your restaurant, cafe, or bar this summer.

#1 Buy comfortable outdoor furniture

During the summer, your outdoor restaurant furniture plays a crucial role in making up the overall impression. It’s the first thing your guests see when they enter. That’s why you should pay attention to interior and exterior design and outdoor furniture.

Google catalogs and various restaurant patio design ideas. The 21st century offers us great opportunities, so it’s not necessary to limit the choice of outdoor furniture in your city stores. You can browse the websites of different outdoor restaurant furniture showrooms worldwide such as Parasol and get acquainted with the trends and quality of numerous manufacturers.

#2 Add more greenery

Although summer is the time of the year when everything blooms and turns green, there is often a lack of greenery in megapolises. Therefore, add as many flowers and all kinds of plants as possible to attract a huge number of customers to your restaurant.

Bright colors will create a lovely atmosphere among visitors, and a pleasant aroma will soar in the air. Let your guests feel a piece of forest or green meadow, even if your restaurant is located in a bustling city center.

#3 Install a fountain

This method is perfectly combined with the previous point. What could be better on a hot summer day than to appear in a place where you are surrounded by greenery and can hear the murmur of water? Let it be flowers in pots and water from the fountain.

If you have the funds and space, be sure to install at least a small fountain. Everyone knows that water gives us a sense of peace and serenity. Just imagine how a large number of satisfied customers enjoy the atmosphere of your restaurant on a warm summer evening with a glass of wine and then leave a good tip for a great time.

#4 Proper lighting

When designing a restaurant, any specialist will tell you how crucial it is to consider targeted lighting. First of all, this applies to the bar or individual decorative walls, which should be visually noticeable. Thanks to the right combination of lighting and a light palette of walls, the client can see the interior more clearly from the outside.

The installation of special lamps will also help improve visibility from the outside during the day, which will create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the evening.

#5 Take care of your clients

No design, attractive menu, or location will bring a huge number of visitors to your restaurant if your staff doesn’t know how to communicate with guests and there is no customer service at all. Therefore, as a restaurant owner, you must control the level of service and take care of your visitors.

Make your guests stay in your establishment as much as possible and come back again and again. For instance, offer them soft blankets if it is cooly in the evening, hand sanitizer, or wet wipes. Come up with something original, inexpensive, and extremely useful.


We have told you about five ways to attract customers to your restaurant this summer and increase sales. Surely, there are many more methods and options, and you can read about them on the web.

However, it’s worth noting that the most critical things are good service, excellent cuisine, interior and exterior designs, and staff. Create comfort and get your maximum customers. Good luck!


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