Best eLearning Websites for Students

Learning has become easier than people could have ever anticipated due to the availability and accessibility of the internet. You can broaden your horizons and achieve more academic knowledge than you thought was possible.

To learn a new skill, students face several challenges. You can’t just decide to get enrolled in a particular course, pack your bags and leave for it. It is understandable that you might have prior commitments and certain obligations that may stop you from pursuing your dream. But eLearning has solved all these problems.

Now, even if you live in the remotest areas, and face difficulties in finding a decent library or a community college in your region, you can still learn whatever you wish by simply getting a subscription to an internet connection. If your dilemma is not being able to find a broadband service in your area, then stop fretting. Don’t let this stop you from gaining your dream skill.

Even if you cannot seem to find a cable or fiber-optic connection, you will still get your hands on satellite internet. In this way, you can easily use the platforms we are going to talk about. You can visit precios servicio de internet satelital if you want support or ask any queries in Spanish language. As we mentioned, don’t let anything come in between you and your aspirations and goals.

Various online platforms encourage young learners to get themselves enrolled in online courses. Said websites provide them the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics. For this, we have compiled a list of one of the best websites you can find on the web.

1. MasterClass

Ever wanted to learn from the masters themselves? This platform is going to allow you to watch pre-recorded lectures, video tutorials, and much more from experts in various fields. Learn how to cook spaghetti from Gordon Ramsey, get lectures from Alicia Keys on how you can write songs and produce them, or learn the art of storytelling from the legends like R.L Stine and Neil Gaiman.

Not only this, you can go on this platform to browse through the 10+ categories, such as Business, Design & Style, Science & Tech, Music, Food, and whatnot, and choose one that piques your interest the most. Make your dreams of learning from celebrity experts come true today.

The starting price is $15 per month and goes up to $23 if you opt for annual memberships. The courses include an excellent curriculum with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, members can get unlimited access to all classes.

It does have some cons to it as well. You don’t get a free trial or even certificates at the end of completion of any course. Also, if you are looking for it to be accredited to any institute, then sorry to break it to you, MasterClass is not associated with any educational institute.

2. Coursera

Do you fancy learning about AI Product Management Specialization from Duke University? Then look no further because Coursera has got you covered.  One of the widely used eLearning websites, Coursera offers online courses from more than 90 partners that include top colleges, museums, and other non-university partners. Unlike MasterClass, Coursera provides a certificate upon the completion of a course.

However, to get the certificate, you must sign up for a paid course. If that is not your preferred choice, then no need to worry because you can always find some of the well-designed courses accredited with top universities and that too without any payment.

The starting price of courses with guidelines is $99.9, whereas, courses with professional certificates start at $39 for a month. On the other hand, if the price is not an issue for you, then you can easily go for higher university issues certificates that begin at $2,000 per course.

3. edX

EdX is one of the largest platforms for online learning. It offers more than 3,500 courses that begin at $50, considering that you sign yourself up for a course that comes with a verified official certificate. In addition to this, if you are in need of financial assistance, then you can apply for it and get a reduction of up to 90%.

Impressively, this platform offers courses for both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. This means that you can pursue your dream of getting a verified course from top universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Caltech, etc. On the whole, you have the option to get yourself enrolled in over 140 universities.

The only drawback of using this platform is that not all courses are eligible for financial assistance. Moreover, if you are looking for a wide range of courses in the creative and humanities field, then you might get disappointed. However, the good news is that the courses are available in multiple languages. This means you can avail yourself of the opportunity of getting enrolled in your dream course, just like any English speaker.

All in all, it is a pretty impressive platform and if it helps; this incredible website was founded by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which in itself is enough for us to trust edX.

To Sum Up

eLearning is increasingly becoming more and more popular. It allows people from rural areas to get equal learning opportunities just like the people belonging to the urban side. Now, you can learn a new skill from a top university while sitting in the living room of your home. For this, you can check out the abovementioned websites and choose the one that jumps out the most to you.

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