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Full Trailer for Martial Arts Film ‘Beyond Redemption’ with Brian Ho

by Alex Billington
February 24, 2023
Source: YouTube

Beyond Redemption Trailer

“How deep are you?” “As deep as it gets.” Well Go USA has debuted a brand new trailer for the official re-release of this martial arts action thriller titled Beyond Redemption. This movie originally premiered in 2015 and open in Canadian theaters in 2016, and was eventually given a proper Blu-ray / VOD release in the US by Well Go. Beyond Redemption is the only feature directed by Bruce Fontaine, a martial arts expert & stuntman who spent years in Hong Kong. It stars a group of other stuntmen in most of the roles, including Brian Ho, in a generic but entertaining undercover story. This seems like one of these underground cult hit action films that has been lost in the mix, now finally getting a chance to shine again. A weary undercover cop must maintain his cover while saving the daughter of a notorious Triad Boss from becoming collateral damage in a sting operation gone wrong. The cast includes ​​​​​​​Don Lew, Osric Chau, Eddy Ko, Nickolas Baric, Raymond Chan, and Peter Chao. The acting look terrible, but maybe the fights are good at least?

Here’s the official US trailer (+ poster) for Bruce Fontaine’s Beyond Redemption, direct from YouTube:

Beyond Redemption Poster

Master stuntman Brian Ho stars in this action-packed Canadian thriller as undercover cop Billy Tong, who infiltrates the inner circle of a powerful gang to prove his loyalty to its leader (Don Lew, stunts in Star Trek Beyond). Venturing more profoundly into Vancouver’s seedy underbelly, Billy must maintain his cover if he wants to crack a high-stakes case involving those with dangerous connections to the Triad—at the risk of losing his identity and his old life in the process. Beyond Redemption is directed by martial arts expert / stuntman / filmmaker Bruce Fontaine, his only feature film that he has directed after years of work in the stunts / action movie industry. The screenplay is written by Derek Lowe, Tong Lung, and Anthony Patrick Wong. This initially premiered at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival in 2015 years ago, but never really got a proper release. Well Go USA has given Fontaine’s Beyond Redemption an official Blu-ray release and it’s on VOD in the US, too – available to watch now. Has anyone seen this before? Who’s down?

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