Hailey Bieber Marks 1-Year Milestone Since ‘Life Changing’ Stroke Scare


By Emerson Pearson.

Hailey Bieber is getting vulnerable about a health scare last year.

The supermodel marked her one-year milestone since surviving a mini-stroke on Friday, March 10, by posting a video to her Instagram Story to discuss the “life-changing” event which led to her PFO diagnosis.

PFO, patent foramen ovale, is a congenital condition when there is a hole between the heart’s upper chambers.

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Hailey Bieber’s Instagram Story
Hailey Bieber’s Instagram Story
— Photo: @haileybieber/Instagram Story

“Can’t believe it’s been 1 year since I suffered a mini stroke that led to my PFO diagnosis,” the Rhode Skin founder shared.

“Given that it’s the 1 year mark from such a life changing event, I wanted to share all the information I’ve learned about PFO and share resources to donate,” she continued.

Bieber shared this news just a few days after hecklers profanely shouted her name after her husband’s surprise appearance at the Rolling Loud festival.

In the vulnerable video, Bieber recounts her symptoms as the stroke began, including “numbness in her fingertips” and a “weird sensation” in her right arm.

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The cover girl then explained how her popstar boyfriend noticed something was off with her that day and repeatedly asked if she were OK.

“The right side of my face started drooping, I couldn’t get a sentence out,” recalled the model.

After calling 911 and staying overnight at a clinic, she scored 0 on a stroke checklist in the ER, and her terrifying symptoms subsided. The hospital confirmed that she had a mini-stroke which led to them discovering she had a hole in her heart. She has since gone under surgery for the condition and has fully recovered.

“The biggest thing I feel is I just feel really relieved that we were able to figure everything out, that we were able to get it closed, that I will be able to move on from this really scary situation and just live my life,” concluded the star.


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