Key Aspects in the Future of the Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming has been one of the world’s fastest-growing industries over the last few years, but how can we expect it to shape up in the future? What are the key factors that let us see whether it has already reached its maximum or will continue to break records?

Key Aspects in the Future of the Mobile Gaming Industry 01What Is the Current Situation?

With up to three billion of us across the planet now classed as mobile gamers, it’s easy to think that everyone who wants to play in this way already does so. Among the most fascinating statistics, we can see that close to two-thirds of people who buy a new smartphone install a game in the first week. Around 50% of all gaming revenue comes from mobile titles, and 2022 should see mobile gaming move ahead of console and PC gaming for the first time.

If we specifically look at the mobile casino market, the figures are even more impressive, with about 74% of all players using their mobile devices to gamble on slots and table games. For example, a Canadian mobile casino, Genesis, gives users a site that is easy to navigate using virtually any smartphone or tablet. No app download is needed and the overall entertainment experience is of the same quality as playing on a desktop computer. This demonstrates a clear and significant shift in consumer trends.

Easier Mobile Access Means More Players

One factor driving this growth has been how internet access has become easier for people in different parts of the world. The link is clear to see, as more people go online and use mobile devices, meaning that the number of mobile gamers grows. Yet, despite there being almost the same number of smartphones as people on Earth, there are still almost three billion people who have never used the internet, according to a United Nations report. The vast majority of them live in developing countries and when the chance to go online for the first time arrives, we would expect many to start playing games.

The other aspect to consider is the growing level of smartphone ownership. While ownership rates are close to 100% in North America and parts of Europe, it’s far lower elsewhere. Overall, about a billion people across the planet don’t own a smartphone yet. As more and more of these people go online and get their first mobile device, a huge untapped market will begin exploring mobile games. Since different countries are rolling out their internet infrastructure or developing their economy at varying rates, this should lead to more mobile gamers joining each year.

Key Aspects in the Future of the Mobile Gaming Industry 02More Features and Interaction with Other Players.

The mobile gaming experience has improved drastically since the very early days. 1994 was the year of the first mobile game, while multi-player gaming was introduced back when we had to settle for the pleasure of playing Snake on the Nokia 6110. Now, we can join players from all over the world on massively multi-player titles such as Raid: Shadow Legends and Adventure Quest 3D. That games can be connected to the social media world added an extra layer of integration that makes mobile playing even more appealing.

As new games and features are added while new gamers go online for the first time, we can look forward to this industry continuing to grow and offering us more ways of playing.

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