Know the Audience: Casino Player Profile in the UK

Knowing the audience is a critical factor for casino operators. The more you are familiar with your customer, the higher the probability of offering them what they want. Gambling is perceived differently by different cultures and different groups of people. Online betting and, in our case, online lowest deposit casino have grown to accommodate other people. However, understanding different customers and their betting cultures are essential.

Questions of Concern

How old is the customer? How much do they earn? What is their sex? What is their level of education? All these are details you should know about your customers. These factors vary significantly in different countries worldwide; the UK is no other.

Websites that offer online gambling, such as online casinos, lotteries, betting, and bingo, among others in the UK, use cookies to collect the customers’ data and then use this data to personalise the content. In addition, some optional cookies collect more specific information, such as your site settings, usage of the site, and other personalised content. The customer, however, has to allow these optional cookies.

You should remember that the key to the success of a casino, just like any other business, is knowing your customer. So read on to learn what you need to know about the audience and, more importantly, the profile of a UK casino player.

Facts You Need to Know About Gambling in the UK

How people gamble has dramatically shifted over the past few years. The restrictions to remain indoors and the closure of land casinos saw the rise in online casinos.

So, here are a few facts you need to know about gambling:

  • Gambling became the largest industry in the UK in terms of taxes paid. Moreover, the gambling market has been in constant growth over the years. This indicates an even more considerable increase in the industry in the future.
  • Mobile phones are the most common way to gamble, with most gambling done at home, for example, mobile slots. This concerns the large population of young people having access to phones and the internet. In return, computers (which was the top) to access online casino significantly reduced.
  • The increase in gambling conducted at home can be attributed to the pandemic restrictions. With most people being forced to work from home and many losing their jobs, staying at home became the order of the day.
  • Statistically, each gambler owns an average of three online gambling accounts. The younger population was noted to hold more than three gambling accounts. The males also tend to have more accounts than the females.
  • Most betting is conducted while the event is still taking place (bet in-play, also known as in-play betting). Live betting always provides higher rates, which may be the main reason for the high numbers engaging in in-play betting.

How Old Is Your Customer?

Statistics show that six out of every ten people in the UK engage in gambling. You should also note that the UK offers one of the largest gambling markets in the world.

It is noted that many online gamblers in the world belong to the youth bracket. That is 18 years to 35 years. This statistic also applies to the UK.

A small percentage of gamblers belong to the other ages. For example, gamblers aged 60 years and above prefer land-based casinos compared to their younger counterparts, who desire only casinos. This can be explained by the older population’s little knowledge about the internet. However, this is expected to change as the younger generation ages.

Is Your Customer Male or Female?

The highest number of casino gamblers in the UK are males, just like the rest of the world. However, the gap between the number of male and female gamblers is decreasing by a large margin. A survey by UKGC in 2019 showed that 25% of males and 17% of females engaged in gambling. This was a 2% increase from a survey conducted the previous year.

You should take into consideration that males and females have different betting habits. They also have different preferences, and whereas some games have both genders, some games are more preferred by one gender than the other. Therefore, knowing which casino games to recommend for each sex can yield excellent results for you as the casino operator.

The Education Level of Your Customer

The education level of players differs from individual to individual, and it also affects how they engage in online casinos. This also varies from country to country. In the UK, the largest population involved in online casinos are the ones with higher education levels. This is primarily a university degree or more significant.

The level of income is another thing worth considering. Some factors that contribute to the level of payment of your customer include:

  • Occupation
  • Their level of education
  • Financial situation
  • The cost of living in their area
  • Their age

Some casino games require large amounts to place a bet compared to others. Therefore, recommending casino games for which the customer can comfortably place a bet is a way of considering the customer’s interests.

In the UK, like many other European countries, middle-income earners are the largest population in gambling. However, they mostly place their bets on sports events. Notably, the unemployed and less wealthy in Africa are the most significant number of people who gamble.

In content personalization, it is also important to note that the less wealthy prefer casinos with no deposit bonus.

Where Does the Customer Come From?

It is significant to know that gambling is accepted differently in different places. If the culture of a particular place agrees with a specific casino game, it will be widespread in that particular population. Therefore, recommending such a game to a player from that area is likely to yield more positive results than a casino game that is not culturally accepted.

Some places also accept gambling as a way of life. However, other sites discourage gambling so that a deficient population will be involved in gambling.


Different players have different wants and expectations. Understanding your customers will help you build a solid customer base. You should note that people will always return to where their interests are best cared. Casino operators must therefore find out as much about their customers’ needs as possible.

Maximising customer expectations should be prioritised when creating the best online casino in the UK. This will not only work in favour of the customer but also on your side. This is because of the operator because of the number of customers. This will, in turn, translate to higher profits.

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