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10 Best Comedy Shows Told Through The Child’s Perspective

The beloved ABC sitcom The Goldbergs is set to return with new episodes starting on September 21st. The semi-autobiographical series centers on Adam F. Goldberg, the youngest family member who loves to document the antics of his eccentric family through his video camera.

While The Goldbergs isn’t the first family sitcom or wide appeal show in general to make a child character the lead character, it is one of the most successful and led to the rise of so many other shows following similar structures. Now, there are a handful of shows set in all decades that offer a look into what life was like in their families through one of the younger family member’s eyes.


10/10 Everybody Hates Chris (2005-2009)

Inspired by the real-life memories of comedian Chris Rock, Everybody Hates Chris takes place in the 80s in a Brooklyn, New York City neighborhood. Given that the show is based on Chris’s life, it’s no surprise that he narrates the series and that his character, played by Tyler James Williams, is the point of view character.

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Chris is the perfect point-of-view character for this show because he’s a young teenager who bridges the gap between audiences. He is able to have storylines that revolve around school and his friendship with his best friend while also constantly being dragged into family situations.

9/10 Fresh Off The Boat (2015-2020)

Fresh Off The Boat is an ABC sitcom that centers on the Taiwanese-American Huangs family. The family has just left their home in Chinatown of Washington, D.C. and moved to the less diverse Orlando, Florida, in the 1990s. The eldest child, Eddie, is the point-of-view character since the first season was based on the real-life Eddie’s adolescents.

Eddie is an interesting point-of-view character because he often finds himself at odds with himself as he tries to stay true to Taiwanese heritage while also wanting to assimilate with American culture.

8/10 Gordita Chronicles (2022)

Gordita Chronicles is a hilarious yet canceled after one season HBO Max comedy show. It centered on the Dominican Catelli family, who left the DR in search of the American Dream and landed in Miami in the 1980s. The series is narrated by an adult version of the youngest daughter, Cucu, as she narrates what her childhood was like.

Centering the story on Cucu makes Gordita Chronicles allow the show to feel more like a coming-of-age story. Cucu is also the most hilarious family member and goes through some of the funniest and most authentic experiences, which makes the show stand out.

7/10 Malcolm In the Middle (2000-2006)

Malcolm in the Middle paved the wave for so many beloved sitcoms in today’s TV world. The family comedy centered around Malcolm, a genius middle child in an otherwise dysfunctional but loving family.

Unheard of for comedies at the time, Malcolm regularly broke the fourth wall to speak with audiences which made him a fan favorite character immediately. It was his ability to do this that allowed him to express his actual thoughts and feelings when his actions might not have matched in certain situations.

6/10 Mixed-ish (2019-2021)

Mixed-ish is the second spin-off series to come from ABC’s Black-ish but the first to be a prequel to the award-winning series. The show is told through the perspective of the eldest daughter, Rainbow Johnson, who grows up to be an anesthesiologist and wife and mother to the Johnson family in Black-ish.

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Since audiences know who Rainbow becomes, it’s fun for them to see how she got there, which is exactly why the show is told from her perspective. Through voice-overs, adult Rainbow reflects on some of the choices she and her family members made growing up in the suburbs in 1985.

5/10 The Goldbergs (2013-)

The Goldbergs is arguably one of the best shows set in the 80s, and it also has one of the best child point-of-view characters. Narrated by the grown-up Adam F. Goldberg, the series follows pre-teen and eventual teenage Adam as he indulges in his nerdy hobbies and deals with his eccentric and oftentimes dysfunctional family.

While Adam is the point-of-view character in the present, his narration offers a nostalgic take on the events in the episode and lets his character explore how his childhood shaped who he is today. It’s through his character that the show is also able to drive home the 80s aesthetic because of his vast interest in popular culture of the time.

4/10 The Kids Are Alright (2018-2019)

The Kids Are Alright is a short-lived ABC family sitcom set in 1972 that unfortunately only ran for one season. The series centered on the Irish Catholic Doyle family and their eight sons, while the fifth born, Timmy, narrates the series.

The real-life Tim Doyle wrote the show based on his own childhood, so it’s only fair that his character would be the point-of-view character for the show. Smack dab in the middle of his brothers, Timmy often finds himself wanting to be treated like an adult while constantly finding himself lumped in with his younger brothers. It’s his fresh take on his family dynamic through voice-overs that truly make him the best character to introduce audiences to this world.

3/10 The Real O’Neals (2016-2017)

The Real O’Neals takes place in modern Chicago and centers on the Irish-American Catholic family who values their reputation over just about everything else. However, that reputation is threatened when the family discovers that they’ve all been hiding their true selves from each other.

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While The Real O’Neals could have been told from any one of the character’s perspectives, it’s more meaningful that Kenny is the point-of-view character since he is the one who has just come out to his family. As a gay son in an extremely religious family, Kenny offers viewers an important character to relate to.

2/10 The Wonder Years (2021-)

In 2021, one of the best coming-of-age shows from the 80s/90s got rebooted by ABC. Still set in the late 1960s, the 2021 The Wonder Years centers on the Black middle-class Williams family who lives in Montgomery, Alabama. While stories focus on all members of the family, twelve-year-old Dean is the point of view character for the show.

With a big imagination, Dean is the perfect character to center the show around. An older version of Dean also narrates the series, which offers political and social commentary about the time, adding another layer to the show and Dean’s unique perspective.

1/10 Young Sheldon (2017-)

A prequel to The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon centers on the Cooper family as they all navigate life in the late 1980s and early 1990s while living with child genius Sheldon Cooper. The series is told from Sheldon’s perspective and features narrations from adult Sheldon to help show how the events of his childhood affected his adulthood.

Sheldon Cooper might be one of the most popular nerdy characters on television, so it’s no surprise that the prequel series chose to use him as the point-of-view character. Given his intelligence, Sheldon often has different reactions to the events that take place, which makes him an entertaining character to watch.

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