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Alec Baldwin Pens Tribute To Wife Hilaria Amidst Rust Shooting Investigation

Alec Baldwin writes a heartfelt tribute to wife, Hilaria, amidst the ongoing Rust shooting investigation, says his family is his reason for living.

Alec Baldwin penned an emotional tribute to his wife, Hilaria, amidst the ongoing Rust shooting investigation. On October 10th, 2021, the Western film Rust was filming at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Bonanza City, New Mexico, when tragedy struck. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot, and director Joel Souza was wounded, when a gun that Baldwin was holding accidentally discharged. Baldwin had been informed it was a cold gun, and it is still being investigated how live ammunition came to be on set and loaded into the gun.

The tragic shooting has resulted in an ongoing investigation and multiple lawsuits have been filed. Baldwin has been at the center of scrutiny, not only because he was holding the gun, but also because he was one of the producers of the film. Recently, a Rust crew member sued Baldwin, alleging in the lawsuit that Baldwin pulled the trigger on the gun, even though the scene did not call for it. Baldwin, who has been taking a break from acting since the incident, gave an emotional interview insisting that he did not pull the trigger and was not to blame for the incident. Since the tragedy, he has attempted to stay out of the spotlight and close to his family.


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Recently, Baldwin gave insight into how he is dealing with the Rust tragedy and investigation in a heartfelt Instagram tribute to his wife, Hilaria. Baldwin posted the tribute alongside a sweet photo of him holding one of his children in his arms. Baldwin alluded to tough times, but that no matter what happens to him, no one can take away the love Hilaria has given him. He indicated that his family is the only thing he cares about, and that his family and Hilaria have given him something to live for. Check out his post below:

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Baldwin’s posts shows that he is holding tightly to his family during this trying time. His references to “winning or losing” and a world “choked with fumes of hate” likely allude to the Rust shooting and allegations against him. Baldwin faces mounting lawsuits and disputing stories of whether he pulled the trigger or not. Even if Baldwin didn’t pull the trigger on the Rust set, he still may face negligence charges for failing to provide a safe work environment and cutting corners as a producer. In addition to the legal issues, there is the very real grief and trauma that he faces from Hutchins’ death. The emotional toll of the whole incident is unimaginable, but in the midst of it, his wife and family have given him a reason to carry on.

The ongoing investigation will ultimately determine whether charges will be necessary or not. Regardless if one thinks that Baldwin is innocent or guilty, he is above all, a human. He is grieving the loss of someone who he described as his friend and wrestling with his part in the incident. There, no doubt, were errors on the set of Rust, but hatred and allegations without evidence are hardly helpful until the investigation is complete. For now, one must recognize the trauma that much of the Rust cast and crew are grappling with. Baldwin’s post gives insight into the grief that the Rust cast and crew is experiencing and the necessity for others to show compassion and to allow them to heal privately with their families while the investigation runs its course.

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