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Alien’s Strongest Xenomorph Hybrid is Immune to Predators


The Predator’s Yautja have become experts in killing Alien’s Xenomorphs, as doing so is perhaps the most important part of their culture. This also includes any type of Xenomorph-hybrid, like the Predalien, as that is just another form of a Xenomorph in the eyes of a Predator. Unfortunately, despite all the years of killing Xenomorphs, Alien finally introduced a Xenomorph-hybrid that a Predator has no chance of killing–as it is actually immune to any attack a Yautja can throw at it.


As explained within the shared lore of Alien vs Predator, Predators have been spreading Xenomorphs across the galaxy for the sole purpose of ensuring the prevalence of the Xenomorph species. They do this to continue to hunt the Xenomorphs as a part of their Blooding Ritual. The Blooding Ritual is a rite of passage for Predators that requires a Predator to kill at least one Xenomorph–or successfully wipe out an entire hive with a group of Predators–and then brand themselves with the mark of their clan with the Xenomorph’s acid blood. This ritual is the first actual hunt a Predator is allowed to go on, and once it is complete, they are free to travel the cosmos and seek out other prey they are interested in hunting–like humans. Due to the cultural importance of the Blooding Ritual (as well as the fact that a Xenomorph-hybrid is just another Xenomorph to them), this new life form sets a dangerous precedent, as it literally laughs off the strongest attacks a Predator can launch.

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A Xenomorph/Synthetic Hybrid is the Predators’ Worst Nightmare

alien xenomorph hybrid heals from predator

In Alien vs Predator: Fire and Stone #2 by Christopher Sebela and Ariel Olvietti, a team of Predators has boarded a human vessel in an attempt to kill the Xenomorphs on board. However, the only reason there are Xenomorphs on board is that Elden (the Xenomorph/synthetic hybrid) boarded the ship first with the Xenomorph horde he had under his control. Elden was there to find and presumably kill the scientist who turned him into the mutant he had become, and he was determined to kill anyone that got in his way–including Predators.

While Elden’s general threat level was obvious based on his manipulation of the Xenomorphs around him (not to mention his horrifying appearance), no one really knew how strong he really was until he was face-to-face with the first Predator who dared challenge him. The Predator’s first attempt at killing Elden was with its plasmacaster, and at first it seems as though it worked, as the cannon shot a hole right through Elden’s chest. Unfortunately, Elden just laughed off the wound and immediately healed himself. Not only that, but the hole that was made actually mutated into a sharp-toothed mouth which Elden used as a weapon when the Predator came in close to try to kill the mutant-android with its spear.

Nothing the Predators did was enough to kill Elden, and nearly every one of them died by his hand. Not only that, but the Predators who were there to kill the Xenomorphs failed their mission because of Elden, which means Elden single-handedly robbed them of their rite of passage through the Blooding Ritual. In the past, Xenomorph-hybrids eventually always fall when going up against a group of Predators, but this one literally laughed at them while making a total mockery of their most important ritual–a truly shocking chain of events that confirms Alien’s strongest Xenomorph-hybrid is immune to Predators.

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