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Animal Crossing Player Hilariously Recreates Home Alone Movie Trailer

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons has player has taken advantage of the latest game update, using it to recreate the Home Alone trailer in detail.

A player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has perfectly and hilariously recreated the movie trailer for the 1990 Christmas classic, Home Alone. The Nintendo hit has given fans the ability to recreate lots of movie and TV moments within Animal Crossing, with the pastime being a favorite game activity for particularly creative players.

Animal Crossing‘s wide range of decorative items and design tools make it possible to recreate almost any TV, movie, or even game scene. While players have been making in-game recreations since the title released in 2020, the recent November 2.0 update and the paid Happy Home Paradise DLC added a host of new content and features, making it easier than ever to reimagine and build scenes from other media. Creative players have managed to build everything from game recreations using inspirations from The Legend of Zelda, to famous movie scenes from popular hits like Spirited Away in Animal Crossing.


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Created by YouTuber Great-Bit Arcade and shared to Reddit by mattographer, the impressive take on the Home Alone trailer perfectly reimagines every scene with an Animal Crossing spin. Kevin McCallister, his parents, and even the infamous burglars all make an appearance in the remade trailer, which uses the same music and voiceover as the original for extra authenticity. The two-minute recreation is a true labor of love, complete with additional editing and the help of some other Animal Crossing friends to remake the entire trailer from start to finish. A side-by-side comparison video demonstrates just how much detail went into the trailer, though Great-Bit Arcade has also uploaded the video on its own.

Watch the comparison on YouTube here.

The Home Alone recreation is made possible thanks to a number of Animal Crossing features both new and old. Reactions are cleverly used to emulate Kevin’s iconic shocked pose, as well as the fret and worry of his parents once they realize their mistake in leaving him behind. Thanks to newly-released items introduced in the 2.0 update, the airport, store, and McCallister home have all been remade with stunning detail, but perhaps the most impressive part of the recreation is the use of the new camera update added in Animal Crossing, which allows for some truly cinematic scenes with close-up shots.

Great-Bit Arcade’s trailer should get Animal Crossing: New Horizons players feeling festive just in time for Christmas, but it seems there could be more on the way to help players add some holiday decor to their islands. The game is known for celebrating real-world holidays in-game, putting a new spin on things like Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, known in ACNH as Bunny Day, Toy Day, and Turkey Day, respectively. According to a new leak, what’s believed to be a small update for the holidays could be adding new Christmas items to Animal Crossing, which could help make a Home Alone 2 trailer recreation possible in the future.

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Source: Great-Bit Arcade/YouTubemattographer/Reddit

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