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Blood Trailer: Michelle Monaghan Needs To Keep Her Vampiric Child Safe

The first trailer for the Michelle Monaghan-led Blood follows a desperate mother’s attempts to keep her son safe after he turns into a vampire.

Michelle Monaghan goes to great lengths to keep her child safe in the new trailer for Blood. A well-respected actor, Monaghan is best known for her roles in Gone Baby Gone, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the Mission: Impossible franchise. She also starred in this year’s Echoes, playing twins Gina and Leni on the hit Netflix miniseries. Her upcoming projects include Spinning Gold and Bad Monkey. Before those, though, Monaghan is turning her attention to the horror genre for her latest film.


The first trailer for Monaghan’s Blood has been released by Vertical Entertainment. On top of what looks to be a strong performance from Monaghan, Blood promises a different take on the vampire genre and a mother-son relationship. Watch the trailer below:

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Everything We Know About Blood

Terrifying vampire child in Blood trailer

Based on the Blood trailer, it looks like the film has found a new way to tell a vampire tale. It also plays a bit into a horror trope that is especially popular these days, which is that of the dangerous child. This was recently explored through the Paramount+ film Orphan: First Kill and in numrous movies before that. Blood is directed by Brad Anderson and written by Will Honley. It revolves around Monaghan’s character, Jess, after her Owen (played by Finlay Wojtak-Hissong) is attacked by the family dog. The dog was turned rabid and erratic, and the attack leaves Owen guzzling down blood from a pouch, drinking blood from a sippy cup, and sporting glowing eyes.

From there, Blood looks to follow Jess’ increasingly tortured efforts to keep Owen alive, even as his thirst for the titular liquid grows. The upcoming horror film, which will release in theaters and on demand in January, also stars Scream alum Skeet Ulrich and Skylar Morgan Jones as Jess’ ex-husband and daughter, respectively. Though Ulrich only appears briefly in the Blood trailer, horror fans will likely be pleased to see him return to the bloody genre. However, this is definitely Monaghan’s show, as Blood will question what lengths a mother will go to in order to save her child, no matter how terrible they might become.

The Blood trailer features a collection of disturbing shots of Owen and some questionable actions from Monaghan’s Jess, painting a fascinating yet scary picture of a mother pushed to the brink. With that, the film is shaping up to be a unique and tense installment in the vampire genre, and a challenging film about motherly love. It will be interesting to see how Anderson and Honley have subverted typical vampire tropes in telling this unsettling story. Come January, viewers will find out if Monaghan‘s love for her son has limits.

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