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Callisto Protocol Creator Teases Incoming Update

More information about the upcoming horror game The Callisto Protocol – which is set in the same universe as PUBG – will soon be revealed.

More information about upcoming horror game The Callisto Protocol will be revealed next week, according to studio founder Glen Schofield. Schofield’s game has garnered a lot of attention since it was first announced in 2020 due to its overlap with other fan-favorite franchises – Schofield previously developed the critically-acclaimed horror game Dead Space, and The Callisto Protocol is set in the same universe as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, albeit hundreds of years in the future.

The Callisto Protocol is being developed by the studio Striking Distance, a subsidiary of PUBG‘s main studio. Set at a prison colony in 2320, the game aims to be a dark and horrifying expansion of the PUBG universe. Although it takes place in the same world, the gameplay will differ greatly from the popular battle-royale game, bearing more similarity to creator Schofield’s previous project Dead Space. Not much is currently known about the future of the game – most recently, Schofield teased an upcoming announcement about the game in April of this year, alongside new Callisto Protocol concept art.


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Creator Glen Schofield shared a new image from The Callisto Protocol on Twitter this week (via PCGamesN) alongside a promise of news about the game coming in the near future. Fittingly, Schofield wishes fans a “happy Friday the 13th” alongside a horrifying closeup image of one of the game’s creatures, with the picture focused on the monster’s unsettling skin. Host of the upcoming Summer Game Fest Geoff Keighley responded to the announcement with the curious eyes emoji, leading some to speculate more news on the game will come to light during the event later this year.

This new announcement is bound to excite many horror fans, particularly veteran Dead Space players – Schofield has made it no secret that The Callisto Protocol proudly takes influence from the title. Although there hasn’t been a huge amount of information revealed about the game at this time, it seems that the new title could be even scarier than Dead Space, expanding upon the unsettling environments and tense gameplay while creating a dark storyline for the PUBG universe. It’s unclear how much information fans will get next week versus what they will have to wait until Summer Game Fest to find out, but for a game that’s long been in development, most fans will be excited for any new details about the title.

The future of The Callisto Protocol looks incredibly promising, with Schofield seeming to have expansive ideas about the future of the title. A new partnership with Walking Dead publisher Skybound could potentially expand the game’s universe into things like comic books, indicating grand plans for The Callisto Protocol for years to come. The game is sure to have a wide range of crossover appeal, offering something for PUBG fans and Dead Space fans alike, and may inspire new players to get into the horror genre.

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Source: geoffkeighley/TwitterGlenSchofield/Twitter (via PCGamesN)

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