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Clippy Is Back, But Not As You Remember Him

Microsoft is updating its emoji set with the new Fluent style design. Along with the new design, the paperclip emoji now looks like Clippy.

Clippy is making a comeback in the significant emoji overhaul coming to Windows 11. Clippy is an old animated character that used to be bundled with Windows as a pseudo-visual assistant on PCs. It’s certainly not as helpful as modern-day digital assistants that can practically do anything with just a user’s voice, but Clippy made it fun to learn how to use a computer for the first time.

Emojis and how they are designed are interesting. But unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a centralized database of emoji designs that every tech company can draw from. As a result, emojis look different on every platform. But on the flip side, that gives platform vendors some wiggle room on what certain emojis look like on the various platforms. For example, on Apple devices, the pistol gun emoji is a water gun.


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And with Windows 11, Microsoft is changing the paper-clip emoji to look like Clippy. In addition, Microsoft will also be revamping a good majority of its emojis with the new November 2021 Windows 11 preview release. The company announced in a press release“These new Fluent style emoji being released in Windows 11 today feel personal and familiar.” To translate that in laymen’s terms, Microsoft is removing the thick outlines surrounding most of its emojis and overall making them look more cartoonish and less lifelike. The new emoji design is more fun and enjoyable to look at. Officially, Microsoft is calling the redesign the “new Fluent style emoji.”

How Do I Get The New Emojis?

The new emoji set is part of the optional November 2021 Windows 11 preview release. Users wanting to update immediately can go to ‘Settings,’ ‘Update & Security,’ and then ‘Windows Update.’ From there, click ‘Check for updates.’ If not, the update will auto-install starting next month to the general public. After the update, users can press the ‘Windows key + period’ to bring up the emoji picker and view the new emojis. The update will only be available for those on Windows 11, and the new emoji will sadly not be made available for machines running Windows 10 or older.

Of course, this is assuming the device is eligible for Windows 11 already. Microsoft is taking a more reserved approach and is rolling out Windows 11 to users as a free upgrade over time. This is to prevent any potential issues or bugs that may cause the user to lose important data or crash the operating system. Microsoft expects to make Windows 11 available to all eligible devices by mid-2022.

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Source: Microsoft

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