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Criminal Minds: Evolution Premiere’s Rossi Reveal Explained By Showrunner

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Criminal Minds: Evolution

Criminal Minds: Evolution showrunner Erica Messer explains the big reveal about Dave Rossi’s life in the show’s premiere episodes. The BAU is officially back on the small screen, with the first two episodes of the revival now available to stream on Paramount+. They effectively establish the premise of the show, particularly how the network of UnSubs led by Elias Voit works. The Criminal Minds revival also catches fans up on how the BAU team has been doing since the profilers wrapped up their run on CBS. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, things aren’t exactly looking good for SSAs; not only are they undermanned, but they are also underfunded, which makes doing their job all the more challenging.


Amid all that, the BAU members are also dealing with their personal lives. While others thrived in the last few years, such as their former tech analyst Penelope Garcia, who is very happy with her current job outside the FBI, some struggled. Rossi, especially, was struck with a big loss. As revealed on Criminal Minds: Evolution, his wife, Krystall, died, although it’s unclear how at this point. Messer talks to Deadline about this plot twist and how the show will handle this tragedy moving forward. Read her full quote below:

Yes, her death, which we will get into a little bit more later in the season. It was one of those Covid adjacent deaths. You couldn’t really go to the doctor unless it was an emergency situation. One of her yearly exams got put off and when she finally got to the doctor, they found cancer and it was advanced and it was too little, too late. Ross is really pissed off about that so he blames everything and everyone, including himself. I feel like it was important to have a representation of the grief that so many of us have experienced since the show ended, just because life has happened. I mean, it might not have been Covid related for you at all, but all of us have loved and lost and in our lives. For Joe Mantegna to bring that heartache and grief into this season, a lot of people could [relate]. A speech he gives to the young girl who they rescue at the end …. it’s really a nod to all of us who have lost someone and we are left still needing to live and not wanting to give up. The advice he’s giving her is the advice he needs to be taking himself. And he’ll get there this season. It’s not like an overnight, he’s gonna be okay by episode three, but it’s a great arc for this season.

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What Rossi’s Wife’s Death Will Mean For Him In Evolution

David Rossi on Criminal Minds. 

At the start of Criminal Minds: Evolution, the show only hinted at Rossi’s latest loss, and it took awhile before it was confirmed that his wife had died. Longtime viewers of the police procedural would know how much he had struggled in the romantic department. For so long, Rossi was preoccupied with his job, which made it difficult to maintain any personal connection with anyone. When Krystall came back, he even contemplated retiring, but after the BAU’s final case on CBS, he decided against it, even though it put his wife’s life in danger. Now that he has lost her, it’s interesting Messer says that, by Criminal Minds: Evolution episode 3, he will already be okay. Given the tragedy, it seems like it would be something Rossi would need longer to process.

While hints of old Rossi were already present at the end of Criminal Minds: Evolution episode 2, after he decided to move out of his hotel room and presumably go home, it would be interesting to see more of him dealing with his emotions. As the most veteran member of Criminal Minds‘ BAU, he has always been the moral and emotional compass of the group. He’s always there for everyone, so it would be great to see how he processes his own emotions. Rossi’s situation has also resulted in some interesting interactions in the team. He has lost it on both Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia as they dealt with Voit’s accomplices, which was uncharacteristic of him.

As the BAU reconvenes to deal with the network of UnSubs, expect that more details about the personal lives of the SSAs will be unveiled. While Criminal Minds: Evolution has established that Krystall has died, it still hasn’t revealed why – Messer’s quote insinuates that she didn’t die of coronavirus, but instead as an indirect effect of the pandemic. This makes it more interesting, as it would highlight just how catastrophic the pandemic has been to many people.

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Criminal Minds: Evolution drops new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+

Source: Deadline

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