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Criminal Minds Star Sends Gubler A Shout Out Amid Reid’s Reboot Absence

Criminal Minds: Evolution star Paget Brewster sends Matthew Gray Gubler a shout-out amid Dr. Spencer Reid’s continued absence on the reboot.

Criminal Minds: Evolution star Paget Brewster sends a shout-out to Matthew Gray Gubler on social media amid Dr. Spencer Reid’s continued absence on the reboot. The Behavioral Analysis Unit’s (BAU) return to the small screen marks the beginning of a brand-new case where the team hunts down Elias Voit and the rest of his UnSub network. Considering how big the scope of the criminals’ reach, it’s all hands on deck for the profilers, with Brewster’s Emily Prentiss even reclaiming her old spot as unit chief to help. Unfortunately, the BAU is tackling this case without a vital member — Spencer Reid, after Gubler didn’t return for Criminal Minds: Evolution.


After five episodes of the Paramount+ revival, Brewster sends Gubler a direct shout-out on her Instagram page by posting an art piece created by her long-time co-star. This is amid Reid’s continued absence on Criminal Minds: Evolution. The illustration shows the actor’s fun way of letting Brewster know to get away from him as she battled the flu. It’s unclear when this was originally made, but considering their time working together on the original Criminal Minds, it may be from years ago. Check out the post below:

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Will Gubler Ever Return As Spencer Reid On Criminal Minds: Evolution?

Criminal Minds Evolution cast Tara, JJ, Rossi, and Garcia

Knowing about Gubler’s non-involvement on the show revival, Paramount+’s Criminal Minds: Evolution didn’t waste time addressing Reid’s absence. While the police procedural didn’t get into specifics about his whereabouts, Deputy Director Bailey revealed that he isn’t at liberty to reveal what Reid is doing, floating the idea that he is working on a classified case. Whether this is the case is unknown. After all, Bailey has been trying to secretly undermine the BAU in an effort to make a name for himself at the FBI. So, it’s possible that he is just intentionally trying to separate Reid from his team as part of his bigger plan to dismantle the unit.

In real-life, Gubler’s absence on Criminal Minds: Evolution boils down to scheduling conflict, as later explained by showrunner Erica Messer. This is contrary to the initial news that he opted not to reprise Reid.This increases the chances of him eventually coming back to the BAU. The fact that Messer and the writers aren’t giving the team’s boy genius a definitive fate means that they are keeping the door open for his possible return. This way, it would be easier to reincorporate him into the show’s storytelling.

At this point, however, it may be too late to bring back Gubler on Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1. But once they’re able to sort out the actor’s schedule, perhaps it could lead to Reid fully partaking on the potential season 2. Granted that Paramount+ has yet to officially greenlight a sophomore year for the police procedural, it’s likely that the BAU will return with a new case.

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Source: Paget Brewster/Instagram

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