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Crisis Core Reunion: 10 Best Final Fantasy Easter Eggs, Ranked

Spoilers for Square Enix’s Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion are discussed in this article.

Square Enix’s latest remaster in the form of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunionhas been given a refreshing graphical and mechanical facelift, likely to keep this prequel in fans’ minds to tie in with the new continuity started by 2020’s top-to-bottom remake on the PS4. This emotionally charged origin story focuses on Zack Fair, faithfully bringing the story to modern gaming hardware, with every essential story beat intact.

Even more so, the game also retains all the Easter eggs shown in the original PSP release. Some of the most fun Easter eggs to find range from the origins of Cloud’s Buster Sword, to the mysterious origins of a particular optional party member in the mainline game.


Origins Of Seventh Heaven

The Seventh Heaven bar in Sector 7 of Midgar.

In both incarnations of the Final Fantasy VII story, the bar Seventh Heaven serves as a hub for Cloud and co. for some time. And, as the name suggests, it also functions as a haven for planning their Avalanche endeavors.

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In Crisis Core Reunion, the player finds out that the bar was originally built by an unnamed carpenter in Sector 7 and dubbed “Seventh Heaven” by none other than Zack Fair himself. What’s more, even before Tifa Lockhart took ownership of the bar and turned it into their home base, it was always meant to house anti-Shinra insurgents.

The Buster Sword

Zack holding the Buster Sword in Crisis Core key art.

One of the most iconic weapons in the Final Fantasy franchise has been Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword from VII. However, as fans will know, this massive weapon wasn’t originally his. Crisis Core touches on how the Buster Sword was passed down, sowing fans that it originally belonged to Zack’s mentor Angeal.

The latter rarely used the weapon to preserve its condition, but he eventually gives it to his plucky SOLDIER apprentice. Of course, this lineage is made all the more heartbreaking since Cloud takes up the Buster Sword after Zack’s sacrifice. Using this sword has been given a Remake-like change for Crisis Core Reunion.

A Mysterious Man Slumbering Underneath Shinra Manor

Split image of Zack discovering Vincent and Dirge of Cerberus key art featuring him.

Several powerful characters were reintroduced in Final Fantasy VII Remake, but one of the best wink-wink easter eggs carried over from the PSP release of Crisis Core teases a fan-favorite (future) companion. When exploring Shinra Manor, the player can find some curious items called Coffin Keys.

Further in, there’s a room in the manor that serves as a crypt where most of the coffins simply contain monsters to fight. However, much to Zack’s surprise, one of the coffins contains the sleeping Vincent Valentine. He was an optional party member in the original FFVII, and he’s sure to appear at some point in this forthcoming Remaketrilogy.

Cloud’s Bike

Cloud wielding his Buster Sword while riding his Hardy-Daytona.

Cloud Strife is overall one of the most famously stylish protagonists in the Final Fantasy franchise. The spiky blonde hair, imposing sword, and broodingly nonchalant attitude made him an instant hit — along with a flavor of goofiness in the original game.

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But one of his other most stylish accessories — his bike — can be found within Crisis Core Reunion. When looking through the Shinra Headquarters, players can find the Hardy Daytona bike that Cloud eventually uses to escape in the Exhibition Room.

Crisis Core’s Opening Mission Setting

Split image of Zack at the Midgar Train Station in Reunion, and Cloud in the same place overlooking the Mako reactor.

Perhaps the first “easter egg” of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is one of the most fitting. The very first mission of the game sees Zack easily sweep by a slew of footsoldiers before taking on the meatier boss; the Behemoth.

But what’s most fitting about the opening moments of Chapter One is that it takes place at the Midgar Train Station. This is the same setting as the widely acclaimed FFVII— and Remake‘s — opening Bombing Mission. It was a nice creative touch made even better now that the visual fidelity is closer in line with Remake.

Aerith’s Motive For Selling Flowers

Aerith Gainsborough in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

There have surely been many beloved female Final Fantasy characters over the decades, but Aerith Gainsborough easily remains a major fan favorite. She stole the hearts of many fans since the 1997 original game as the iconic “flower girl,” but her motivation for selling flowers has an even more touching backstory.

The origins of Zack and Aerith’s relationship in Crisis Core were always a narrative highlight, and when the two have a heartwarming meeting at the Sector 6 park, Zack promises to come back for her and set up shop on the upper plate where they can sell flowers. Another narrative element of the grander FFVII story that’s given a bittersweet wrapping.

Tifa Waiting For Her Blonde Knight

Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion - Everything Carried Over in New Game Plus

While there’s a sort of love triangle between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith, the latter’s true budding relationship was with Zack while Cloud had childhood ties with Tifa. They grew up together in Nibelheim, with Cloud eventually leaving town in an attempt to follow in the legendary Sephiroth’s footsteps as an elite member of SOLDIER.

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When they were kids, the two had something of a heart-to-heart moment with Tifa making Cloud promise to come back for her in Nibelheim should he ever be in danger. And in Crisis Core, Tifa eventually interacts with Zack and mentions how she’s waiting for her knight with blonde hair.

Cloud’s Promise

Tifa and Cloud sitting at the well in Nibelheim in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

As far as the dynamic between Cloud and Tifa goes, there is more than one nod to their early childhood promise. Players, of course, get to see a younger Cloud in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion as he develops his relationship with Zack and eventually sees a memory sequence of the former.

There, the player sees Cloud standing by the very same well in NIbelheim that he sat at with Tifa, talking about how he was thinking about the past. Cloud might seem aloof on the surface, but this small easter egg/reference shines a light on the compassion within him.

The Highwind

Aerith looking up at the Highwind in key art for the original Final Fantasy VII.

One of the biggest fan-favorite features, staples, and tropes of the mainline Final Fantasy series is the inevitable introduction of the airship. In addition to being a landmark moment in the story, the appearance of the airship also provides a mechanical benefit by making overworld traversal faster.

In Final Fantasy VII, that role was filled by the Highwind — named after future party member Cid Highwind. There are a couple of small easter eggs for this, with a painting of the Highwind seen in Shinra’s Showcase Room and the ship itself stationed at the Junon airfield.

Shinra No. 26

Zack looking at a model of Shinra No. 26 in the original PSP version of Crisis Core.

Perhaps the most iconic vehicles in the Final Fantasy VII subfranchise are the Highwind and Cloud’s Hardy-Daytona motorcycle, but Crisis Core Reunion teases another one that would later appear in the main story.

As part of Shinra’s Space Exploration Department, the company had developed several rockets, with Cid Highwind having served as one of its engineers. Shinra No. 26 is the rocket seen piloted by him in FFVII, and a model of it can be seen in the same exhibition room as the aforementioned Hardy-Daytona.

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