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Dancing With The Stars Looking To Replace Tyra Banks As Host

Dancing With The Stars executive producers might replace Tyra Banks as host as well as make other changes in an attempt to increase viewers.

Dancing With The Stars is possibly planning to replace host Tyra Banks. Tyra started hosting during DWTS season 29 and continued for the following two seasons. During the most recent season of DWTS, they added a new co-host to join Tyra, Alfonso Ribeiro. Tyra has sparked many controversies during her hosting career, especially among the fan base of DWTS.

Sources with a direct line to the DWTS executive producers told U.S Sun about what new changes they are planning to make for the upcoming season, including the possibility of replacing Tyra. The producers are focused on gaining more viewers and believe if the show is “more adventurous” and if DWTS can “feature fresh faces,” the ratings on DWTS will increase. The main reason for focusing on Tyra is due to the backlash she has been receiving from fans over the past few seasons since the “main focus of fans’ upset is the host.” However, the upset fan base is not the only reason behind considering a replacement; the source also explained how Tyra is not as open with “promoting the show” compared to other DWTS hosts.


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DWTS Might Return To ABC

Tyra Banks hosting Dancing With The Stars

Yet, while Tyra is a priority focus for the DWTS producers, they are also reassessing other aspect of DWTS in order to gain more viewers. For instance, DWTS moving to Disney+ instead of ABC caused quite a stir with audience members as well. The U.S. Sun‘s source claimed that because of this feedback, “hopes have been raised about a switch back to ABC.” Other DWTS changes may also include bringing more top-tier stars to compete. However, as of right now, it appears nothing is set in stone other than DWTS wanting to redo many original aspects for new ideas.

It seems as though executive producers of DWTS have many ideas floating around in order to improve the show’s ratings. As for right now, long-terms fans will just have to wait to see which changes will be implemented for next season and even future seasons after that. However, the fact that DWTS is trying hard to improve viewer ratings and appease the fan base shows how much effort they are putting into the reality competition series.

As for Tyra’s future hosting career, while the DWTS source mentioned the idea of replacement, it is not finalized yet. There is a possibly Tyra will be back hosting DWTS season 32, but there is also a chance she will not be. However, DWTS has been a popular show for many years now. Maybe a fresh new take is exactly what Dancing With The Stars needs in order to keep it running for many more years to come.

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Source: U.S Sun

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