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Dragon Ball Super Has Goku’s Perfect Ending Already Lined Up

Dragon Ball Super has teased the perfect ending for Goku, a profession that he would be happy with and one that will allow him to support his family.

Throughout his Dragon Ball career and continuing in Dragon Ball Super, Goku has only had two things on his mind: training to get stronger and face deadlier foes, and food. While he is a man of simple pleasures, his wife, Chi-Chi expects him to do a bit more with his life than eating and getting into fights. Well, as teased in a number of recent Dragon Ball Super installments, Goku has a perfect ending already lined up, one that will make both him and Chi-Chi very happy.

After the conclusion of Dragon Ball Super’s “Future” Trunks Saga where Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks saved the multiverse from the villainous Zamasu and Goku Black, Goku got a job to provide for his family. While he made it clear that he’d rather be training with Whis and Lord Beerus, Goku wouldn’t dare challenge Chi-Chi as that is the one fight he can never win. While delivering produce from his own farm, Goku stumbles upon a way to make money and grow his strength–pretty much his dream job.


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In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 27 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, Goku is attacked by a group of bandits who want to rob his truck of produce. Clearly, the criminals were unaware that Goku is a god-tier cosmic warrior as they are genuinely stunned when he catches every bullet they fire at him when he refuses to comply. Not wanting to hurt them too badly, Goku gently incapacitates the bandits and turns them into the police, at which point he receives a reward as the bandits had a bounty on their heads–a chain of events that turned Goku into an unwitting (yet successful) bounty hunter.

Goku's perfect ending has already been teased in Dragon Ball Super.

This stint as a bounty hunter wasn’t the last time Goku used his powers to enforce the law as he was made a temporary Galactic Patrolman during Dragon Ball Super’s Moro Saga. Since then, Goku hasn’t dabbled in bounty hunting or law enforcement of any kind, though that could soon change. In the most recent chapters of Dragon Ball Super, Goku is fighting alongside a character named Granolah who is an intergalactic bounty hunter. Once their mission is complete, it isn’t too far of a stretch to consider that Granolah could introduce Goku to the bounty hunter lifestyle, allowing him to make all the money he could ever need while also keeping himself in great shape by using his Saiyan abilities to take down rogue criminals.

While Goku has no interest in doing pretty much anything for money–since, again, he is only focused on fighting and food–Chi-Chi will insist on Goku getting a job after he is finished taking on the Heeters alongside Granolah. At that point, Goku may find bounty hunting a fantastic alternative to farming and delivering produce, and so long as the money is good Chi-Chi would be happy with that decision as well. From satiating Goku’s love of fighting to paying him enough to provide for his family, being a bounty hunter would be the perfect ending for Goku, and past chapters of Dragon Ball Super have already hinted at that particular career being a possible outcome.

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