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Dragon Ball’s Strongest Alien Race Makes Saiyans Look Weak

Dragon Ball‘s least-known alien race is so absurdly powerful that it makes even Saiyans look weak. The franchise in fact has an entire race of divine beings, called Shinling or Core Persons (Shin-jin in Japanese). Kais and Supreme Kais are well-known in the series, but not every fan is aware that they are all chosen from this unique race, which proves they have a natural level of power that greatly surpasses that of the Saiyans.

In the Dragon Ball Universe, Saiyans are considered a “warrior race” due to their natural attitude toward war and combat. The Saiyans’ greatest quality is their capacity to evolve, represented by the famous ability called “Saiyan Power”, a genetic trait that allows them to recover faster from injuries and increase their strength as a result. However, while some Saiyans such as Goku and Vegeta have displayed almost limitless potential, they are exceptions rather than the norm. The majority of Saiyans possess only an average level of power on the grand scale of the Universe, which led to their near-extinction. The Shinlings, on the other hand, are all born with divine levels of power and potential.


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According to the information included in Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guide (a set of two databooks based on info previously released in other Dragon Ball encyclopedias), the Shinling hail from a planet called World Core, where they are born from fruits grown on magic trees called Kaiju. Their population is very small, peaking at about 80 people, but they are all born with abilities that surpass any normal being and exceptionally long lifespans. In fact, Shinlings are chosen to become Kais, deities that oversee sectors of the Universe. Particularly gifted Shinlings, born from a special kind of golden fruit, are even more powerful and they are trained to become Supreme Kais, the “gods of creations” who have the duty to protect the universe. The first Shinlings to appear in the series were the North Kai, Shin, and Kibito in Dragon Ball Z, but they took a much more important role in Dragon Ball Super.

The Shinlings Have The Potential To Be Stronger Than Saiyans

The Supreme Kais of Dragon Ball.

While the power of the Kai and Supreme Kai was quickly surpassed in the series by Goku and the other Saiyans, there is one important distinction to make. Shinlings do not train as warriors, they mostly spend their lives as scholars or in contemplation. In fact, even if Supreme Kais have to defend the universe, they represent the power of creation, and the duty of dealing with major threats is left to their twin opposites, the Gods of Destruction. However, because every Shinling is born with divine life energy and abilities, there is no telling how strong they could become if they devoted themselves to fighting. In fact, when the trainee Supreme Kai Zamasu turned to evil, he became one of the biggest threats ever faced by Goku and his friends, who had to rely on the King of the Universe Zeno to beat him.

There is even a theory that implies that the Demons of the Demon Realm were originally Core Persons born with an evil soul, and they all possess incredible power, as proved by Dabura. Essentially, while some Saiyans have displayed unlimited potential for growth, Shinlings are all born with a base power level that is much higher than other races in the universe, but they don’t focus on developing it unless they are moved by evil intentions. This proves that this obscure Dragon Ball alien race has actually the potential to be the strongest in the universe, and outclass even the “warrior race” of the Saiyans.

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