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Enshrouded: How To Find (& Beat) The Fell Wispwyvern (Boss Guide)


The Fell Wyspwyvern is a boss you can find and try to beat in Enshrouded, but this large beast made of ice can be one of the hardest challenges in the game. This creature’s attacks are difficult to avoid and can easily take down your character if you don’t have the right equipment. Those that try to take advantage of certain weaknesses have the best chance of defeating this beast.

Make sure you have plenty of resources collected from your main base before you set off on a journey to beat the Fell Wyspwyvern. Try to respec your character in Enshrouded if you need to adjust stats for your character to help them combat larger bosses. Whether you are planning to take on the Wyspwyvern solo or with others, you need to recognize and address your character’s vulnerabilities.

Where To Find The Fell Wyspwyvern

Enshrouded Pikemead's Reach location with Fell Wyspwyvern boss in desolate courtyard below character

The Fell Wyspwyvern is the boss of Pikemead’s Reach, an area to the northeast section of your map as you travel around the world. Toward the very corner of the world, this place exists close to the Northern Caravan Camp you may have already visited. This location may be a long journey from your base, so don’t forget to build a Flame Altar near the Reach to let your character travel back and forth from home.

The roads leading to Pikemead’s Reach are filled with enemies, but defeating each of the foes that stand between you and the Fell Wyspwyvern could yield great loot for the boss fight ahead.

Traveling to Fell Wyspwyvern’s location is easier said than done since there are many obstacles on your path to the boss. The main structure in Pikemead’s Reach cannot be found unless you travel through regions full of lava and the ever-present Shroud fog. One of the hidden features of Enshrouded is how this poisonous miasma will slowly drain your character’s health if you remain within it for a certain amount of time.

Pikemead’s Reach in Revelwood has many parts to it, but you won’t encounter Fell Wyspwyvern until you reach the Imperial Gardens. A large courtyard here can be jumped into, but keep in mind that this is the boss’ arena. The moment you enter this spot in Enshrouded, you will be forced to fight the massive icy creature with the health and resources your character has.


How To Level Up Fast In Enshrouded

Engaging with the world of Enshrouded allows you to level up fast and earn enough XP to unlock new abilities tied to your character’s full potential.

How To Beat The Fell Wyspwyvern

The best strategies for beating Fell Wyspwyvern are to use ranged attacks against the boss, heal or buff your characters with consumables during key moments, and watch out for summoned minions. You definitely want to bring some items like health potions to recover your health throughout the fight. However, other items in Enshrouded that give your character extra passive traits could also help.

Try to craft different items using materials like
Metal Scraps in

before you enter the boss battle. Don’t forget to organize your action bar with multiple consumable items in a way you can remember as you prepare to fight.

Many of the Wyspwyvern’s attacks target a space close to you, so using long-range attacks can keep the monster’s strikes from hitting you. One of the boss’ moves summons multiple Shroud enemies to attack you at the same time. This attack is one of the few moves that could change the course of the fight, so pay attention to the Wyspwyvern’s pattern to see when it tries to create various minions.

Fell Wyspwyvern Move List



How to Counter

Shroud Swarm

The Fell Wyspwyvern stands on its back legs and sends several projectiles out of its mouth into the air. These blasts come back toward the ground to create large Area of Effect (AoE) explosions when they land.

Watch for small blue circles that appear on the ground. These indicate where each projectile will land, so move to spots outside these circles.

Shroud Breath

Standing on its legs again, the Wyspwyvern sprays Shroud energy in a breath attack in an arc in front of it.

As the boss gets up, move as far to either side of it as you can, then run behind it to avoid the breath.

Tail Whip

The Wyspwyvern sweeps its tail around itself, trying to hit whatever has gotten too close to it.

Pay attention to the boss as you stay near it since it only uses this attack when you get close. Dodge as soon as you see its tail move to get out of the way.

Minion Summon

With its mouth glowing with Shroud energy, the Wyspwyvern summons a variety of monsters to fight on its side.

The large glowing orb inside the Wyspwyvern’s mouth can be hit to stun the boss. If you do this fast enough, little to no minions will actually spawn, letting you get free hits on the boss.

Do whatever it takes to stun Fell Wyspwyvern when you can, since all enemies and bosses take extra damage when they are in a vulnerable state.

According to a video by Gamer Guides, you need to keep your eye on the Wyspwyvern at all times to identify each attack. Continue to pay attention to each move the boss makes and use the pillars in the courtyard to avoid the creature’s strikes. With enough patience, you should be able to endure this creature and slowly chip away at its health until it is defeated.

Rewards For Defeating The Fell Wyspwyvern

Enshrouded rewards for defeating the Fell Wyspwyvern boss like the Key to The Pike

The reward for beating this boss is the Key to the Pike, a special quest item that lets you explore more areas of Pikemead’s Reach. You’ll discover the Guard of the North armor set, which is a gear piece of similar strength to the elusive Radiant Paladin armor in Enshrouded for its strength.

The Guard of the North armor provides several benefits, including bonus resistance to the Shroud that lets your character stay in the dangerous mist longer. Extra boosts to your Health, Stamina, and Damage will no doubt be other aspects of this gear you may appreciate. Managing to find and beat the Fell Wyspwyvern in Enshrouded will allow you to use this incredible equipment for other tough battles in the future.

Source: Gamer Guides/YouTube

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