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FBoy Island: Are Mia & Peter Still Together After Season 2

When FBoy Island first premiered on HBO Max last year, it brought a twist to the usual dating competition show. On the show, three women try to find connections from multiple men, with some being “Nice Guys” and others labeling themselves as self-proclaimed “FBoys.” This season saw Tamaris Sepulveda, Louise Barnard, and Mia Emani Jones date 30 men and try to find out if they were nice guys or FBoys. At the end of the competition, if an FBoy was chosen as the final guy for one woman, he has the option of splitting the $100,000 grand prize with her or keeping it for himself. In the end, two out of the three women choose a Fboy, with Tamaris keeping the $100,000 all for herself and declaring herself as an “FGirl.


Since the start of FBoy Island season 2, 26-year-old Mia had her eye set on returning season 1 contestant Peter Park. Despite being adamant that he returned to the show as a nice guy, it was revealed in episode 7 that Peter actually returned to the show once again as a Fboy. However, Mia still choose him as her final guy, and he ended up splitting the prize money with her. Now, many fans are wondering if the couple is still together after filming the series.

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According to Bustle, filming for Fboy Island season 2 wrapped in March with Mia and Peter still following each other on Instagram. However, she also follows her runner-up, Danny Louisa, on the social media platform. It seems like Mia may have regretted her final decision, as according to a July 24th caption, she admitted that she messed up by sending all of her nice guys home but was trying not to let the negativity get to her. She stated, “Everyone has a lot to say about my decisions on the show, but last time I checked … it was our show and our feelings.”

The previously mentioned article also stated that Mia has not been very clear about her current relationship status. Nonetheless, it seems like Mia did find some sort of lasting relationship, as she has made it clear that she found a new “girl gang” with her co-stars, Tamaris and Louise. As for Peter, he seems to be doing a lot more modeling and hinted that all he does is work and sleep, which could have affected his relationship with Mia.

With FBoy Island season 2 now over for the season, many viewers were skeptical about if the two couples that left together were still dating. It seems like Louise and Mercedes may still be together, but as for Peter and Mia, everything is unknown, although it seems likely that they parted ways. As for future seasons of the show, it is unsure if another season is in the works. However, viewers are enjoying the concept, so anything is bound to happen.

Source: Bustle

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