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Game Of Thrones: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Hound, According To Reddit

In keeping with the tradition established by Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon went out of its way to craft compelling and fascinating characters. Some of these were major, and some were minor, but all made an impression on the viewer.

In Game of Thrones, few characters came to be as beloved despite their rough edges as Sandor Clegane, known by his nickname of the Hound. However, while many enjoyed getting to spend time with him every week, there are a number of fans, particularly those on Reddit, who have been brave enough to utter some very unpopular opinions about this fan favorite character.


The Hound Has A Gentle Soul

The Hound in armor

It’s no secret that there were many fan favorite characters on Game of Thrones. This was especially true of the Hound, and swissmiss1269 writes: “He’s gruff, has done some pretty f***ed up things and is obviously not the most physically attractive guy and but I believe that deep down, he is a truly kind and gentle soul.”

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While some of this might be true, the ugly reality is that the Hound, like so many other characters, is not someone that fans should be falling in love with. In fact, the series goes out of its way to show how capable he is of committing atrocities, even against children and animals.

The Hound Is Overrated

Sansa and The Hound sit at a table in Winterfell in Game of Thrones

While some might see the Hound as one of the best side characters in Game of Thrones, not everyone agrees. In fact, glorilol95 writes that not only is he overrated, “the more i watch his developpement the more i believe the show should have kept him dead in season 4.”

He may not be a perfect character, but it is a bit of an overstatement to claim that he is overrated. If nothing else, the bond that he shares with Arya makes it worth his return, and he does play a key role in the finale, bringing about the end of his undead brother.

The Hound Is One Of The Best Fighters

Brienne Of Tarth Fighting With The Hound Over Arya

There are many formidable fighters in Game of Thrones, and many Redditors believe that Sandor Clegane should be viewed in these ranks. One Reddit user opines: “I think he’s right up there with the Daynes and Selmys. The reason he’s not considered as legendary in-verse is because he isn’t considered good looking or honourable.”

While he might have some skill with a blade, it is probably a bit of an overstatement to claim that he is in the ranks of the links of Barristan Selmy. Not only does he lack the sort of honor that one expects of a knight, he also suffers several notable defeats, most notably at the hands of Brienne of Tarth.

The Hound Shouldn’t Have Killed The Mountain

The Hound staring at The Mountain

The Mountain is one of the most fearsome villains in Game of Thrones. For many viewers, it was poetic justice that he was eventually taken down by the Hound. H_something, however, didn’t share this opinion, writing: “ I don’t know why everyone gets all excited about it.”

However, the truth is that it had to be the Hound to take down the Mountain, if for no other reason than the latter was responsible for the former’s scarring. It makes sense that, for the Hound’s story to ever feel complete, he would have to bring about the end of the man who had been responsible for so much of his suffering.

The Hound Was Wrong To Tell Sansa His Problems

The Hound talking to Sansa

There was a bit of an unexpected and somewhat wholesome friendship between Sansa and the Hound. While this was a nice bit of character development for him, it wasn’t to everyone’s liking. Wormfan14 refers dismissively to the way that “he vomits all his emotional problems onto an 11-year-old girl who never asked to hear his tragic backstory, to begin with.”

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While it’s understandable that some might see this as irresponsible of the Hound, it in fact marks an important moment for both of them. It is two traumatized people finding some measure of bond with one another in a court where both of their lives are very precarious.

They Tried To Make The Hound Comic Relief

The Hound and Arya in a tavern

Though it is a drama, there are some genuinely funny moments in Game of Thrones, and there are a number of notably funny characters. Gradually, the Hound becomes one of these, and wasomni is particularly hostile to this idea, writing simply: “Remember when they turned The Hound into comic relief?”

Yes, the Hound can often be bitingly funny. However, he is far more than just comic relief. In fact, the series makes it clear that his bitter sense of humor is, largely, his way of dealing with his trauma and with the ugliness of the world around him, and so it is also a key part of his character development.

They Should Have Killed Sandor Off For Real

Arya leaves the Hound for dead

Of all of the notable deaths on Game of Thrones, that of the Hound was particularly wrenching for some. It seemed to be a rather anticlimactic end for the character, and so many were happy when he was revealed to have survived. Mk1317, however, disagrees, writing: “I’m getting really tired of the fake deaths/cop outs.”

Once again, though, this ignores a key part of the latter part of the Game of Thrones saga, which is about the way that the old rules of the world are falling apart. What better way to illustrate this than by having the Hound, a truly indestructible character if ever there was one, managing to emerge alive after all?

His Character Development Was Ruined

The Hound talking gently to Arya

Game of Thrones, like the best HBO shows, leans very heavily on character development. While the Hound seemed to grow and change throughout the series, many felt that his vendetta against his brother undercut this. Calladonna writes: “ the Elder Brother explains that the Hound’s previous driving desire to kill his brother was a particularly horrendous one. So killing the Mountain would entirely undermine his character development.”

This is a bit of a misreading of what actually happens. It is, in fact, very much in keeping with the Hound’s personality as a survivor to change when he needs to, even if this means abandoning the peace he was able to find with the Elder Brother and his acolytes.

Cleganebowl Wasn’t That Important

The Hound facing down the Mountain on the stairs

For many viewers, Cleganebowl was one of the most looked-forward-to elements of the finale. For some users, however, the whole incident was secondary to The Hound’s return. As one puts it: “I only cared about Cleganebowl because I wanted the hound back. Now that he’s back I don’t care at all if he goes north instead and never sees his brother again.”

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However, there was far more to Cleganebowl than just an excuse to bring back the Hound. It was the series’ way of showing that, for a creature like the Mountain, there would be justice of a sort, even if it was long delayed.

Cleganebowl Lived Up To The Hype

The Cleganes falling out of the Red Keep in Game of Thrones

The finale of Game of Thrones was one of the worst finales in TV history, and many were particularly dismayed at how anticlimactic Cleganebowl ended up being. Some such as rottlerz, however, thought the episode, including the fight between the Cleganes, more than lived up to expectations.

While Cleganebowl was arguably a justified plot point, the way it was resolved didn’t really hold up to the hype. In fact, it came to be just another lackluster fight, hardly the rousing climax that it was supposed to be.

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