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Ghost Reaper Girl by Shonen Jump Ventures Deep Into Cthulhu Mythos with Forgotten Monsters

In chapter 35 of Ghost Reaper Girl, mangaka Akissa Saiké continues borrowing from Cthulhu but uses a monster first created by Frank Belknap Long.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Ghost Reaper Girl chapter 35!

The Shonen Jump manga series Ghost Reaper Girl is venturing deep into H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos by introducing monsters that Lovecraft himself didn’t invent but borrowed.

Mangaka Akissa Saiké proved early on that he was greatly inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos when creating Ghost Reaper Girl. Although many of his characters are only loosely based on Lovecraftian monsters, save for Cthulhu himself, the majority of the inspirations are quite well known or serve as major entities in the mythology, like Yog Sothoth. Moreover, they all came from the mind of Lovecraft himself. Although many authors and creators have contributed to his mythos – their contributions usually referred to as Lovecraftian – it would be expected that anyone wishing to borrow from Lovecraft’s wealth of monsters and supernatural horrors would only explore his own creations.


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Saiké does just the opposite when introducing a Hound of Tindalos in chapter 35 of Ghost Reaper Girl. The towering canine-esque monster is referred to as the familiar of Night-gaunt, a ghost reaper who recently took part in an all-out brawl of Lovecraft monsters and is loosely based on the creatures of the same name in Cthulhu. It’s intriguing that Saiké chose to incorporate the Hounds of Tindalos as they are the creation of the author Frank Belknap Long and were only briefly mentioned by Lovecraft himself in his short story The Whisperer in Darkness.

A Hound of Tindalos that appears in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos was just introduced in chapter 35 of Ghost Reaper Girl.

Unlike its master Night-gaunt in Ghost Reaper Girl who doesn’t look anything like his namesake, the manga’s rendition of the Hound of Tindalos is most likely how Long and Lovecraft envisioned him, though, no one can be certain as neither author actually went into much detail, besides being too foul for anyone to describe. At least Saiké’s portrayal is quite foul. That said, they have been said in Lovecraftian lore to possess long, hollow tongues, which Saiké clearly honors in his portrayal. (Hopefully, he’ll also stay true to how these monsters are said to utilize these proboscises, as it’s mainly a tool to drain the body fluids of their victims.) Unfortunately, Ghost Reaper Girl’s expansion of the Cthulhu mythos strays from another hideous characteristic of these fiendish hounds, which is that they ostensibly excrete blue pus or ichor, for there is no indication that any such pus is in the nearby vicinity of the beast in the manga, let alone being secreted from within.

Probably the most fascinating aspect of Long’s Hounds of Tindalos is that they dwell within “angles” of time that are normally 120 degrees or less, from which they emerge in a billow of smoke that spews out of the sharp corner. Ghost Reaper Girl does, in fact, incorporate some aspect of this intriguing phenomenon but removes the shape requirement entirely by having the hounds merely inhabit hidden spaces within dimensions. Even though it’s unclear whether Saiké will delve further into this particular adaptation or not, readers familiar with Lovecraft undoubtedly hope that someone – especially the main character Chloe Love – will time travel as Long says humans risk getting relentlessly pursued and drained of their bodily fluids if they go into the past or future. Although Shonen Jump‘s Ghost Reaper Girl is incredibly captivating on its own, fans undoubtedly appreciate these references to Lovecraft, especially his Cthulhu Mythos.

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Readers can read the latest chapter of Ghost Reaper Girl in English exclusively on Viz’s Website.

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