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Google Previews Pixel Tablet With Charging Speaker Dock Coming 2023

The largest addition to the Pixel family, the Google Pixel Tablet, has been announced and confirmed for a 2023 release. With a suite of features that perfectly align with Google’s contemporary Pixel aesthetic, including a clever speaker dock, the tablet should feel right at home with any Pixel owner. And, just like its smartphone sibling, the new tablet boasts its own unique features.

Google announced the Pixel Tablet alongside several new devices. At the company’s event today, Google unveiled the Pixel Watch and its next flagship smartphone, the Google Pixel 7. With the recently-launched Pixel Earbuds Pro, and this new tablet rounding out the family of devices, Google has never appeared more confident in the Pixel brand.


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Details about the Android-powered Pixel Tablet focused primarily on Google’s vision for the product and less on the concrete details of how consumers can get their hands on one. Aside from a vague 2023 release timing, there was none of the crucial information such as pricing, pre-order dates, or specs like weight and size. Similarly, it was heavily implied that the speaker dock would be included with the Pixel Tablet, but there were no statements on if users could purchase it separately or if it will offer variations like color options or Amazon Echo-like motorized rotation.

The Google Pixel Tablet Is More Than Another Android Tablet

With so many unremarkable Android tablets on the market, it’s easy to take this as an underwhelming announcement. However, the same was said about the original Pixel smartphone line, which has now blossomed into one of the more exciting players within the landscape. Pixel phones are known for amazing camera software and the bevy of customization features based on Google’s Material You system. Simply put, they’re not afraid to be weird but cool.

The Pixel Tablet promises the same excellent camera features but keeps the brand’s eccentric style alive with the charging dock/speaker. The device, which connects to the tablet with what Google describes as a “carefully tuned” magnetic array, really is just a speaker dock that’ll charge the tablet. However, that functionality combined with the deep-seated integration of Google Assistant on all Pixel devices means docking the Pixel Tablet turns it into the best version of a Google Home. This concept makes it very likely that the tablet will successfully deliver on Google’s stated goal of “[reimagining] how a tablet can actually be helpful all the time in your home.

A tablet that can be a smart home device on command is a unique, convenient idea that fits with the Pixel ethos, but even in tablet mode, it remains a creative device. The rear of the Pixel Tablet has a nanoceramic finish that reportedly will make it comfortable and give it a unique feeling compared to other tablets. In addition, since it runs on a modified version of the Pixel phone’s OS, basic apps like the photo editor will benefit from the larger form factor of a tablet. The device sounds like a no-brainer for anyone who enjoys tablets and appreciates the eccentric-but-forward-thinking design of Pixel products, but much of the Google Pixel Tablet’s success rides on its price point and precisely how much of an impact the dock will have on people’s wallets.

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