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Halo Infinite: How To Unlock A Mythic Medal

The Halo Infinite Mythic Medals are among the hardest rewards to unlock. Earn a Mythic Medal to unlock the Slaying with Style achievement.

The Halo Infinite Mythic medals are among the hardest rewards to unlock in the multiplayer. Earning a Mythic medal can prove to be a challenge in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer because they either require players to slay multiple enemies in rapid succession or complete a difficult task. In some cases, the two criteria overlap one another, allowing players to earn multiple Mythic medals in a single match. Fortunately, developer 343 Industries has made it a bit easier to earn Mythic medals in the Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Once players earn a Mythic Medal for the first time in Halo Infinite, they’ll unlock the Slaying with Style achievement. Players can earn the achievement by either unlocking a Mythic medal in the online multiplayer or by completing any of the requirements for a medal in the Bot Bootcamp. Like Quick Play, Ranked, and Big Team Battle modes, Bot Bootcamp pairs players with other player-controlled teammates online. However, instead of facing off against player-controlled opponents, they’ll face off against AI-controlled bots. These bots aren’t particularly challenging to defeat, which makes them easy targets for those looking to earn a Mythic medal and unlock the Slaying with Style achievement in Halo Infinite.


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There are a total of 18 different Mythic medals that can be earned in Halo Infinite, although more than half of them are variations of an easier-to-achievement reward. For example, one of the Mythic medals that players can earn is a Running Riot medal. This requires 15 kills to be achieved, in any game mode, without dying. The next level above a Running Riot is a Rampage medal, which is earned after a player kills 20 opponents without dying. Although the Rampage medal is a Mythic medal, players will unlock the Slaying with Style achievement just by earning a Running Riot.

How To Unlock A Mythic Medal In Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Releases Early

These are all of the Mythic medals that can be earned in the Halo Infinite multiplayer modes:

  • Fastball: Kill an enemy by hitting them with the physical impact of a grenade, such as a frag grenade bouncing off an opponent before it explodes.
  • Ninja: Kill an enemy by dropping down behind them and melee them in the back for an instant kill.
  • Overkill: Kill four enemies in rapid succession.
  • Killtacular: Kill five enemies in rapid succession.
  • Killtrocity: Kill six enemies in rapid succession.
  • Killamanjaro: Kill seven enemies in rapid succession.
  • Killastrophe: Kill eight enemies in rapid succession.
  • Killpocalpse: Kill nine enemies in rapid succession.
  • Killionaire: Kill 10 enemies in rapid succession.
  • Perfection: Win a game with 15 or more kills and have no deaths.
  • Quigley: Kill two or more enemies with a single round from the S7 Sniper Rifle, one of the best weapons players can use in the Halo Infinite multiplayer.
  • Remote Detonation: Kill an enemy by shooting a grenade near them.
  • Running Riot: Kill 15 enemies without dying.
  • Rampage: Kill 20 enemies without dying.
  • Nightmare: Kill 25 enemies without dying.
  • Boogeyman: Kill 30 enemies without dying.
  • Grim Reaper: Kill 35 enemies without dying.
  • Demon: Kill 40 enemies without dying.

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Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

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