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Kevin Smith Thinks Batgirl Could Lead to The Flash Also Being Scrapped

Kevin Smith predicts the future of the Ezra Miller-led Flash movie, suggesting that Warner Bros. may have been “testing the water” with Batgirl.

Filmmaker and pop-culture commentator Kevin Smith thinks the recent Batgirl cancelation could also lead to The Flash movie being scrapped. DC fans were stunned when it was announced that Warner Bros. Discovery was shelving the Batgirl movie planned for release on HBO Max, despite the fact the film was nearly complete. Helmed by directorial duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah (Ms. Marvel, Bad Boys for Life) and set to star Leslie Grace as the titular heroine up until its untimely demise, the film reportedly cost the studio $90 million, but it is estimated that its cancellation will provide the studio with $15-$20 million in tax cuts.


Meanwhile, The Flash movie set to feature embattled star Ezra Miller has been the subject of much speculation in the wake of Batgirl’s cancelation. While Warner Bros. Discovery’s new CEO David Zaslav has expressed his enthusiasm for the film, and producer Barbara Muschietti also took to social media to assure fans that “all was good in Flash land,” the troubling behavior of its lead actor has still placed many question marks over the film’s viability. With Miller being arrested multiple times for assault and disorderly conduct and facing accusations of grooming, the prospect of marketing the film ahead of its release has become increasingly difficult.

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Most recently, Smith, who experienced the cancelation of one of his own projects in the wake of Warner Bros. Discovery’s recent cuts to HBO Max, has spoken about what he thinks the consequences of Batgirl’s cancellation will be for The Flash. Speaking during the most recent episode of the Hollywood Babble-On podcast, Smith suggested the Batgirl cancelation may have been an attempt at “testing the water” ahead of making a decision about the future of The Flash. Check out his comments below:

I wouldn’t be surprised, I know they’ve said like “Flash is safe”, but I would not be surprised if this was them testing the water and be like “Let’s just see what they say if we f**king cancel Batgirl. And if it doesn’t go so badly, maybe we just f**king cancel Flash”. Because it’s problematic, how they gonna market that movie without like a leading actor to go out on the road and do press and stuff?

With a budget more than double that of Batgirl, the decision to cancel The Flash would certainly not be one that Warner Bros. Discovery would make lightly. Even with the plethora of issues caused by Miller’s off-screen antics, the film still represents a major investment both financially and within the fragile future of the much-troubled DCEU franchise. With The Flash also intended to serve as the triumphant return of Michael Keaton to the role of Batman, canceling the film would also likely spell the end of Keaton’s highly anticipated DC homecoming.

With The Flash still slated for a June 2023 release date, no doubt DC fans will be closely keeping an eye out for any inkling of a move by Warner Bros. to shelve the project. Despite Zaslav’s assertions that the studio has grand plans for the future of DC, most would agree the current state of affairs leaves the franchise with a number of large hurdles to overcome. Hopefully, the future of The Flash and all the other DC films to follow will not suffer the same unfortunate fate as Batgirl, and the studio will find a way to resolve its issues with their wayward star.

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Source: Hollywood Babble-On

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