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Power Rangers’ New Team Is Breaking An Impressive Mighty Morphin Record

The new Power Rangers, which were originally the Dino Fury Rangers, are breaking a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast record ahead of Cosmic Fury.

The Power Rangers Cosmic Fury team, which is the same one from Power Rangers Dino Fury, is breaking an impressive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers record. As Power Rangers gets ready to celebrate its 30th anniversary, two major releases are heading to Netflix in 2023. One is the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunion Once & Always, which will see iconic Power Rangers actors returning for a scripted, standalone special. The other is Cosmic Fury, which could be the final Power Rangers season adapting from a Super Sentai.


Although every Power Rangers season after the Zordon Era works perfectly fine as a standalone story, Dino Fury is a great returning point for those who stopped watching Power Rangers and are now looking to follow the franchise again. After the BOOM! Power Rangers comics set the bar high for the franchise, Dino Fury had the difficult mission of making the classic Power Rangers tropes work while also adding elements from modern Power Rangers lore. That combination worked, and is helping the Power Rangers Dino Fury cast to do something that not even Mighty Morphin’s could.

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All Six Dino Fury Rangers Are Returning For The Next Power Rangers Show

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury cast characters

All six Dino Fury Rangers are returning for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, meaning that this Power Rangers cast will have been the main group for three years in a row. While the iconic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ran for three seasons, only two Rangers were part of all three – Blue Ranger Billy Cranston and Green/White Ranger Tommy Oliver. This will be the first time in Power Rangers history that the show spends three years with the same Power Rangers cast, which is a testimony to the quality of Power Rangers Dino Fury and its titular heroes.

Dino Fury season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, with Cosmic Fury working as a sequel, but this is not the first time a Power Rangers team has transformed into a new one. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers went on to become the Zeo Rangers in Power Rangers Zeo; the Zeo Rangers briefly became the Turbo Rangers, and the second iteration of the Turbo Rangers went on to star in Power Rangers in Space. That said, the idea of a previous Power Rangers cast returning for an all-new series with a new motif has not been done since the end of the Zordon Era, which is why the Dino Fury cast returning for Cosmic Fury is such big news.

Why Power Rangers Dino Fury’s Characters Work So Well

Power Rangers Dino Fury cast

Dino Fury embraces the Power Rangers legacy in a way that very few Power Rangers shows have done. From elements of the Power Rangers comics such as the Morphin Masters, to nostalgic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers callbacks like Lord Zedd’s return, Dino Fury is arguably one of the best entries in the Power Rangers universe since the 1990s. However, what truly made Dino Fury such a great Power Rangers story were its characters.

With great writing and chemistry, Power Rangers Dino Fury’s characters elevated the show and made it impossible to say farewell to these Rangers after only two seasons, which is usually the norm for Power Rangers. Zordon’s classic Mighty Morphers still shine brightly in the rearview mirror of the 1990s. By breaking a record even the those legends could not, the Cosmic Fury crew have already earned their place in Power Rangers history.

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