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RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Denies Lenny’s Claim That She Romanced Two Men

The Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein shuts down her ex-husband Lenny’s claims that she romanced two men during their Halloween party.

The Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein has again set the record straight as she denies her ex-husband’s claim that she romanced two men at their joint Halloween party. Lisa and Lenny Hochstein are still in their media battle since they announced their separation. The couple’s divorce has proven to be as interesting as the reality TV show, with the attention it has been getting from fans of the show.

Recently, self-proclaimed “Boob God” Lenny wrote in some court documents that his estranged wife invited two men whom she romanced to their party. Only a day later, Lisa shut down the claim. “So there is no truth to that whatsoever,” she exclusively told Page Six. The reality TV star did not just stop at denying her ex-husband’s claim but also added that it should not be a problem if at all it was true. She said this as she reminded viewers that Lenny has a new lover, Katharina Mazepa. Lisa went on to give further reasons why it should not be a problem for Lenny if she decides to romance anyone. First, the mom of four said it was private business whether she was dating anybody. She also said that Lenny left her for Katherina, and as a result, he should never have made such a comment about her.


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The RHOM star could not help but slam her ex-husband for continually putting their divorce in the media. “It’s unbelievable to me that he just won’t stop talking to the press,” Lisa said. She further stated that the issues regarding that divorce were not supposed to go too far, but Lenny would not stop from the beginning. Lisa said that she has been quiet about the whole situation but was only forced to address it because of how Lenny went about it.

In a bid to further clarify her relationship status, RHOM star Lisa opened up about her relationship with Introhive CEO Jody Glidden. She revealed that they were only friends and that she was not dating anyone. It has been over seven months since Lisa and Lenny ended their 12-year marriage. Lisa has several times revealed that she has had a hard time moving on, especially as she never saw their divorce coming.

The Real Housewives of Miami ex-couple is still going through a messy and complicated divorce. Lisa once filed legal paperwork against Lenny, claiming that she was being “financially strangled.” She also got into a fight with the plastic surgeon’s new girlfriend, who later filed a restraining order against her. Generally, the couple has been having a hard time moving on after their divorce, which was filed by Lenny in May.

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