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Smite: 10 Gods Who Can Single-Handedly Win Games

Smite, a game where gods battle to the death, has recently had updates in items and stats for various characters. Throughout various patches, some gods have relied on defensive ability while others have thrived on heavy offense. However, some have been outright overpowered for most of Smite’s seasons.

There are gods in Smite who are so far ahead of the rest that they can lead teams to victory all by themselves. If winning is a player’s goal, then these gods are the ones worth picking.


King Arthur

Warriors are the most well-rounded class in Smite. They can be tanky or offensive depending on what a team needs. King Arthur is popular and well-rounded in many games, with Smite being no exception. He is a character who will thrive in his offensive ability regardless of how he is built by a player

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Arthur thrives in combat due to his plethora of abilities that can hit multiple targets at once. He is extremely mobile and if built with plenty of defense, serves as a strong front liner who both distracts and heavily damages enemy gods.


When watching a show such as Game of Thrones, death can sometimes be satisfying. Similarly playing as Smite’s god of death is possibly the most blissful feeling in the game.

Thanatos is a character that will thrive at any stage of the game if he is played correctly. His healing factor from slaying enemies allows him to stay in a fight and “bring death” to multiple gods. He is a pick that needs to be played in an aggressive manner to really shine since he needs to consistently stay on the offensive to heal.


In Thor: Ragnarok, the fenris wolf was overshadowed by Hela and Thor, two of the most powerful characters in the MCU. In Smite, however, when gods see Fenrir, they run. This is due to one overpowered move that the god has in his arsenal which is a heavy brutalization.

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Fenrir can lock onto an opponent and deliver a set of blows that are difficult to interrupt without hard crowd control. He is very mobile with a jump in his kit and will do damage regardless of what items a player builds. When in doubt, Fenrir can use his ultimate to grab an opponent and drag them to certain death. If Hulk had fought Smite’s Fenrir, he may have lost a few limbs in the process.


The Chinese goddess of the moon looks like a Disney princess in appearance. Plenty of Disney movies can make fans weep, and similarly, Chang’e will make any opponent cry. A skilled player can carry an entire team with the proper Chang’e damage build.

What makes Chang’e such a strong pick is her ability to heal while dealing hefty damage with low cool-down abilities. She also has a move that allows her to become completely immune to damage and crowd control effects. A good Chang’e player can take on three gods at once with the right strategy.


The god of time has an interesting kit, allowing him to serve as a cross between a mage and hunter. His basic attacks and abilities deal insane damage late game.

Chronos can be a hard carry because of his speed, ability to chase down opponents, and high single-target damage. He also has a strong stun that allows him to easily hit combos. His ace is his ultimate, which allows him to undo any damage he receives and keep attacking.


Most late-game hunters are a problem for any enemy team, especially if they build critical-chance. Artemis may not be one of the most powerful Olympian gods, but she is probably the deadliest hunter in Smite.

With the right build, an Artemis can delete certain characters with three or four basic attacks. She’s able to slow, root, and stun opponents with her abilities. If an opposing team features an Artemis, then expect pain, suffering, and to be rooted by vines constantly.


The ability to almost one-shot characters is what earned Cabrakan the nickname “Cabroken.” Playing as this god feels like controlling the Hulk, and Cabrakan even has a “nerd Cabrakan” skin which is reminiscent of “smart Hulk.”

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Once a decent Cabrakan player builds some damage, gods will die quickly. He can easily chase down, stun, and block off his opponent’s escape with mountainous walls. Once he has a god trapped, that god is as good as dead. If Cabrakan was ever the antagonist in a Thor film, then he’d be arguably the biggest threat he faced..


As mentioned with Artemis, hunters are usually unstoppable in the late game. Their basic attacks allow them to quickly delete their foes.

A good Ullur can win a game without any help. He has strong basic attacks, a leap, powerful damaging abilities, and thrives when cool-down is incorporated into his build. In addition, he has incredible range. Just when one thinks they’ve escaped from an Ullur, an arrow rains down on their head and deletes them.


The father of the gods is arguably the most popular mythological figure ever. Zeus has been played by many actors in film and many voice actors in gaming. In Smite, Zeus is voiced by the legendary Christopher Sabat, a fitting choice for a god of Zeus’s caliber.

What makes Zeus so menacing in Smite is his chain lighting ability. This allows him to attack multiple foes at once and deal devastating damage. If the enemy team makes a single mistake, then Zeus will let the heavens rain, and gods will fall. The last thing players will hear is Christopher Sabat’s voice mocking them.


In terms of carrying a team to victory, Freya is the best without question. Just like Chronos, Freya has the feel of a hunter and mage merged together.

Freya’s abilities amplify her basic attacks allowing for them to hit multiple targets in an area. Her basics deal an unbelievable amount of damage and her ultimate ability gives her immunity to crowd control and the opportunity to kill opponents without being harmed herself. A late game Freya can expect to see a penta-kill very often.

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