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Star Wars Reveals Cast & Jedi Heroes Of Upcoming Animated Disney+ Show

Star Wars has revealed the cast and release date for its upcoming animated series Young Jedi Adventures coming to Disney+ which includes Master Yoda.

Star Wars has revealed the cast and release date for an upcoming Disney+ animated TV set during the High Republic Era, a time when the Jedi Order was in its prime. Young Jedi Adventures will feature a team of Younglings under the instruction of Jedi Grand Master Yoda, learning the ways of the Force as they train in the hopes of becoming full-fledged Jedi Knights. The show will release on May 4, another addition to Star Wars Day 2023.

Lucasfilm has officially announced that Disney Junior’s Young Jedi Adventures – which will follow “Younglings as they study the ways of the Force, explore the galaxy, help citizens and creatures in need, and learn valuable skills needed to become Jedi along the way” – features an all-star cast. Piotr Michael will also be voicing Master Yoda himself during the High Republic, training the young Jedi. The primary cast also features Jamaal Avery, Jr. as Kai Brightstar, Juliet Donenfeld as Lys Solay, and Dee Bradley Baker as Nubs, appearing to be the main trio of Younglings seen in a new image during a training exercise. Additionally, Emma Berman will star as their friend Nash Durango with Jonathan Lipow as RJ-83.

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Star Wars’ Disney+ TV Shows Are Entering The High Republic Era

According to James Waugh, Young Jedi Adventures’ executive producer and senior vice president of Franchise Content & Strategy at Lucasfilm, there was a lot of intention behind developing the first Star Wars series made for preschool-age viewers and their families:

“The creative team never stopped thinking about how this show may be a youngling’s first step into a larger world, and their first time experiencing the limitless potential of the Star Wars galaxy. The show’s characters, tone, and the life lessons woven throughout each episode were written just for them, and our talented team was committed to honoring the cinematic legacy while staying true to the expectations of parents for the youngest of audiences.”

It’s very exciting to see Lucasfilm entering this new space as a means to start introducing the galaxy safely and appropriately for the youngest Star Wars fans. However, the series will also be Star Wars’ first foray into the High Republic Era, centuries before the prequel trilogy. This has already been explored in a series of books, comics, and audiobooks, which have given insight into the Jedi Order and the Republic at their height during a time of peace. Star Wars has always been a transmedia franchise, so it is not surprising to see the story of High Republic expand beyond these mediums; Young Jedi Adventures will be followed by a live-action series called The Acolyte, set during the High Republic Era as well.

George Lucas always wanted Star Wars to be for children. Recent live-action Disney+ TV shows such as Andor have been aimed at more mature audiences, so it’s exciting to see Lucasfilm create something geared towards preschoolers. The upcoming Star Wars Disney+ TV shows promise to expand the franchise in new directions, and no doubt this will attract a similar audience to that of Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends. Star Wars foray into the High Republic Era is very welcome indeed.

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