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The Boys Spinoff Has Lots Of Blood & OG Show Connections, Says Amazon Exec

Amazon’s Head of Television, Vernon Sanders, has teased intense gore, emotion, and huge The Boys connections for the upcoming Gen V spinoff series.

The highly-anticipated spinoff for Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys won’t lack any intrigue or violence, according to Amazon’s Head of Television, who teased that Gen V will feature many of the characteristics that have established The Boys as one of the streamer’s biggest shows. Gen V, which got its first trailer at the beginning of December, will focus on the lives of young superheroes attending Vaught International’s supe-exclusive college. The Boys writer and producer Craig Rosenberg is leading the project, Amazon’s second announced spinoff for their original hit series.


In an interview with Collider, Amazon Head of Television Vernon Sanders said that Gen V would have important connections to The Boys. With the events of the spinoff taking place at the same point in the main show’s timeline, Gen V will feature cameos from The Boys‘ main cast throughout and plant many Easter eggs for fans to discover. He added that, like The Boys, Gen V would delve into social commentary inside a violent world mired in mystery and intrigue. There will also be lots and lots of blood and gore.

“The young ensemble [is] fantastic. We have connections to The Boys universe and cast sort of peppered carefully throughout the season. So there are lots of Easter eggs that I think fans will love. And it’s a great combination of social commentary, blood, there’s lots of blood, a really cool mystery. And I think people will be surprised as they come into the show, and the show evolves, the implications that Gen V has on The Boys. The two shows have some really interesting connections. So I’m probably saying more than I should, but I’m really excited. We’re thrilled with the results.”

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Everything We Know About Gen V

Jaz Sinclair in Gen V

The first live-action The Boys spinoff has been in the works for several years and will feature an ensemble much like the mothership series. Of course, the new cast will be college-aged, though, led by Jaz Sinclair and Lizze Broadway. The timeline for Gen V will line up with The Boys season four, which started filming in August 2022, with an expected wrap date rumored for March ahead of its expected late 2023 release date. The set-up for the show was teased during season three of The Boys in a scene where Hughie caught a glimpse of Red River Institute’s list of adoption-eligible young supes, which featured Sinclair’s character.

Patrick Schwarzenegger, the son of Arnold, will play a superhero named Golden Boy. Schwarzenegger has described his character as one of Vaught International’s top prospects and a supe with loads of charisma and thermonuclear power. On the Just For Variety podcast, the actor described the show as “Euphoria meets superheroes,” teasing its volatile environment and collection of young, troubled characters. The concept for Gen V is very similar to Marvel’s X-Men, focusing on a school for supernaturally gifted kids. The supes will compete against each other for a role in Vaught’s enterprise, drawing additional similarities to the Hunger Games franchise.

Built upon the sturdy foundation put in place by The Boys, Gen V aims to provide the same tension, violence, and emotional resonance as the original while trying to differentiate itself with a new cast and a fresh take on the universe. They will attempt to strike the proper balance of new and old, which has been a struggle for many other franchises. It has big shoes to fill, but Sanders’ quotes and comments from those involved in the show’s production have communicated a high level of confidence that it can deliver when it hits Amazon Prime Video in 2023.

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Source: Collider

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