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The Walking Dead: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Daryl, According To Reddit

The Walking Dead fans might be sad to see the show end on November 20, 2022, but the spin-off starring Daryl Dixon has them excited, with Norman Reedus recently sharing details. Daryl is unquestionably among the most popular Walking Dead characters, although not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.

Some Redditors have opinions that the fandom will deem unpopular since they criticize Daryl’s role in the series. They offered a different context about Daryl, ranging from doubts over Daryl’s worth to Rick’s group to holding Daryl responsible for things such as Glenn’s death.


Daryl Was Right To Go Behind Rick’s Back With Maggie

Daryl was made out to be in the wrong when he conspired with Maggie against Rick to discreetly eliminate the Saviors the latter had refused to kill. Redditor Kaaaaaavya “can’t even believe that Rick made Daryl work in the Sanctuary after he was literally tortured there.”

Daryl’s conflict with Rick was depicted to be his fault since Rick just wanted to go the peaceful route, but the Redditor does have a fair point. Daryl had experienced firsthand how brutal the Saviors were, so it was understandable that he didn’t think kindly of them. Walking Dead fans rarely watch these episodes again because of the estrangement between Daryl and Rick, which the show wanted to blame on the former’s shoulders.

Daryl Has Had No Character Development In Years

Redditor AG_N’s opinion of Daryl is that “people like him because he is a badass…there is literally no character development in him since season 4.” Daryl went from an outsider to a treasured part of the group in the first four years, which is a characterization that has since carried forward.

While the Redditor makes a fair point that Daryl has been the same person ever since, he has had multiple arcs. This includes his estrangement with Rick and Carol, along with his doomed romance with Leah. Daryl’s general personality has remained the same, but the show has found ways to keep him going.

Daryl’s Survival Has Robbed Other Characters Of Their Stories

Redditor prayafk isn’t happy that Daryl has taken on the stories “that sucks moments away from better characters from the comics.” As it is, Daryl was never part of the source material, which meant that he needed the arcs of other characters to keep him on the show.

Daryl has had the stories of Tyreese, Jesus, Morgan, and even Rick’s incorporated for him, and the Redditor is of the opinion that the comic book versions of these characters were better than Daryl. Viewers will never know what might have been, although Daryl’s storylines have largely been well-received.

Daryl’s Killing Of Beta Was Unearned

Daryl was the one to finally end Beta’s threat when he stabbed him in the eyes to kill him off. Loganp812 thinks it was a nice way to finish Beta’s time, but that “having it be Daryl just seems fanservice-y.” Daryl had beef with the Whisperers but not to the extent as many others.

The likes of Aaron, Lydia, and Rosita had suffered greater losses from the Whisperers, which is why some fans don’t think Daryl should have been the one to take Beta’s life. Of course, the death is one of the most memorable ones yet and saw Daryl team with Negan, so most of the fanbase does prefer it this way.

Daryl Isn’t Interesting In Later Seasons

Daryl is nowhere near one of the irritating characters in The Walking Dead who have overstayed their welcome. But Redditor venus6123 thinks that Daryl’s characterization has stagnated, as “he has lost his charm. He doesn’t make sarcastic comments anymore, funny jokes.”

Daryl was initially known for his dark comedy, where he would make snarky remarks to showcase that he didn’t conform as the others did. In terms of character development, though, it makes sense that Daryl isn’t like that anymore since it shows that the traumatic moments he’s undergone have taken their toll on him.

Daryl And Carol Are A Bad Duo

Daryl and Carol’s friendship has brought some of the most wholesome moments in The Walking Dead. The friends have been through many ups and downs, which Redditor Madi27 isn’t impressed by and claims that “it feels dysfunctional and unhealthy.”

To be fair, Daryl and Carol did have a lot of animosity toward each other for Carol’s hand in nearly killing Connie. An entire arc was dedicated to the pair eventually reconciling, with most fans liking the way the friends got past their issues. But some viewers continue to have reservations over the strength of Daryl and Carol’s bond.

Daryl Is Responsible For Glenn’s Death

Glenn is a Walking Dead character who deserved to live and would have if Daryl hadn’t lost his temper and punched Negan – who killed Glenn to get back at Daryl. The Walking Dead showed Daryl feeling bad about this for some time, but WolfTickets66 isn’t as forgiving and writes that “no one ever brought it up or held him accountable.”

Daryl did get around to apologizing to Maggie, who assured him that she didn’t hold him responsible. However, the show moved past that point relatively quickly, giving way to some of the fanbase thinking that Daryl wasn’t blamed as much as he should have.

Daryl Isn’t Believable As The Main Protagonist

Daryl was upgraded to the main role after Rick’s departure, with this move propelling him to the forefront. Redditor unfollowforunfollow doesn’t think the character can live up to the leading man status, writing that they “like Daryl, but he can’t carry a show.”

Unlike Rick’s time, where he was unquestionable the main protagonist, Daryl hasn’t completely been in the spotlight. This may be the reason why some doubt his mettle as the main hero, but The Walking Dead has been smart about keeping a strong supporting cast so that the burden doesn’t completely fall on Daryl’s shoulders.

Daryl Is A Liability To The Group

Daryl is seen as the tough person of the group, with most of the strength coming from him. Redditor Soldier1o1 doesn’t agree, thinking that Daryl was a liability by “constantly putting himself in stupid situations, often getting others hurt.”

Daryl has been known to indirectly harm others, such as causing Glenn’s demise, breaking out walkers from the Sanctuary when he meant to attack them, and contributing to Rick’s disappearance due to their fallout. However, the character has also saved a lot of people, which shouldn’t be ignored either.

Daryl Is A Bad Character Without Norman Reedus’ Portrayal

Norman Reedus’ natural charisma deserves credit for making Daryl such a well-known character, especially since there was no source material to derive from. Redditor DKnott82 thinks that “if it was anyone else grunting, mumbling, and sulking for the past 10 years, they wouldn’t be as popular.”

This is a reference to Daryl’s quiet status, as he tends to say few words and isn’t animated as certain others are. According to the Redditor, Daryl on paper isn’t interesting, and he needs Norman Reedus’ portrayal to work. Since fans love the character overall, many will no doubt challenge the Redditor’s assertion.

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