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Why Jackie & Kelso Are Together In That ’90s Show (What About Fez?!)

Jackie and Kelso were married in That ‘90s Show, which made fans wonder what happened to Fez and Jackie. That ‘90s Show picks up about 15 years after That ‘70s Show’s finale, with most of the original characters returning for cameos. Although That ‘90s Show confirmed Eric and Donna officially reunited after the finale, the That 90s Show Fez was no longer with Jackie, who ended up back together with her off-and-on boyfriend Kelso. While That ‘70s Show positioned Fez as Jackie’s end-all romance, it’s not too shocking that she would have gone back to Kelso.


Even after moving onto Steven Hyde, Jackie always had feelings for Kelso deep down, but he was never mature enough for a relationship. Kelso had actually proposed to Jackie in That ‘70s Show season 8, and even though she turned him down, both admitted to loving one another. Since Jackie and Kelso have a teenage kid together in That ‘90s Show, it seems they got back together and married quite quickly after That ‘70s Show’s finale, indicating her relationship with Fez was very short-lived. Fez and Jackie’s endgame romance didn’t make much sense for That ‘70s Show, so giving both characters more fulfilling relationships was a good move for That ‘90s Show.

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Why Jackie & Fez’s Relationship Never Made Sense In That ’70s Show

Jackie ends up with fez

Jackie and Fez spent the vast majority of That ‘70s Show being antagonistic toward one another. Fez continually hit on Jackie, kissed her while she had a boyfriend, and demeaned her, while Jackie was xenophobic, degraded him, and strung him along for her own pleasure. What happened to Fez and Jackie in That ‘70s Show season 8 was a product of their maturity over the years and a pay-off of the occasions in which Jackie remarked enjoying kissing Fez or thinking he was attractive. However, Jackie and Fez weren’t soulmates in That ‘70s Show, nor would their relationship have been more fruitful in the long run.

Jackie was always in love with either Kelso or Hyde, with the latter being the most plausible end-all relationship for Mila Kunis’ character. It made sense that Jackie and Fez would eventually test out a relationship after several years’ worth of built-up tension, but That ‘70s Show introduced their romance far too late in the story. Considering Mila Kunis and Michael Kelso actor Ashton Kutcher are married with children in real life, writing their characters to get back together in That ‘90s Show was fairly convenient. Their relationship had been a fan-favorite on the series, with their real-life marriage adding to the intrigue of their on-screen reunion.

How That ’90s Show Explained Fez And Jackie Splitting Up

Fez gives Kitty a haircut in That 90s Show.

When it comes to That 90s Show Fez, he shows up in a scene where he owns a salon chain called Chez Fez, and gives Kitty a haircut. It is here that he shares the gossip, explaining what happened to Fez and Jackie. This was after Jackie and Kelso showed up in the premiere as a married couple with a son, leaving fans wondering what happened since the That ’70s Show finale. It was a nice moment to explain to fans what went down, as Kitty asks why Jackie and Fez broke up 15 years in the past.

According to Fez, he and Jackie took a trip to Jamaica together. It was during this trip that she suddenly broke up with him and headed back to find and get with Kelso. While many fans felt that Jackie should have ended up with Steven Hyde over either Kelso or Fez, that wasn’t possible thanks to Danny Masterson’s real-world problems. The show didn’t give the deepest explanation but it was something. The fact that Jackie and Kelso’s child’s age would have put him born around that same time makes one wonder if a baby might have caused the That ’90s Show change.

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