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Why The Analyst Is Weaker Than Agent Smith In Matrix Resurrections

The Analyst purports to be the most powerful entity within the Matrix in The Matrix Resurrections, but the new Agent Smith is actually more powerful.

The Matrix Resurrections, the latest entry in the Wachowski Sisters’ The Matrix franchise, shows that The Analyst is weaker than Agent Smith. The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris), The Matrix Resurrections’ main antagonist, rose to power after the deaths of Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and the destruction of the rogue program Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) at the end of The Matrix Revolutions. Although as the new ruler of The Matrix, after usurping The Architect, The Analyst seems almighty in his domain, the resurrected Agent Smith is, in fact, more powerful.


Agent Smith is resurrected alongside Neo and Trinity in The Analyst’s Matrix reboot, which is modeled on how the real world looked approximately 20 years after The Architect’s 1999-set Matrix due to his connection to Neo. Smith is given the role of Neo’s business partner at their game studio by The Analyst. However, Smith begins to regain his memories during the simultaneous rescue attempt of Neo by the crew of the Mnemosyne and the attack on the studio by a SWAT team. Although Smith was under The Analyst’s control, much like Neo and Trinity, he reveals himself to be far more powerful than his puppeteer when unleashed.

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The Analyst has the power of chronokinesis: the ability to control time. He uses this power to explain to Neo how he uses his connection with Trinity to run the Matrix more efficiently to generate power. However, at the climax of The Matrix Resurrections, during the fight at the Simulatte coffee shop, it is revealed that Agent Smith can also take advantage of The Analyst’s time manipulation, much to The Analyst’s surprise. This is a threat to The Analyst that no other character can muster in The Matrix Resurrections, not even Neo and Trinity.

The Matrix Resurrections Made Smith Even More Powerful

Agent Smith’s ability to tap into The Analyst’s chronokinesis not only makes Smith more powerful than The Analyst but one of the most powerful entities inside the Matrix itself. In the original Matrix trilogy, Agent Smith was an incredibly powerful program, as he could dodge bullets, bend the laws of physics, and eventually duplicate himself like a virus across the entire Matrix. However, The Matrix Resurrections giving Agent Smith the same powers as the ruler of the Matrix himself makes Smith possibly the most powerful program in the Matrix.

Although Agent Smith has a similar level of power to The Analyst, once he is freed from his control, Smith is able to exploit The Analyst’s weaknesses to defeat him. The Analyst possesses an obvious God complex that comes from ruling his own digital domain and has the over-inflated sense of ego that goes hand in hand with that level of megalomania. Agent Smith is able to use The Analyst’s arrogance to his advantage by surprising him with a hail of bullets while he monologues to Neo and Trinity during the Simulatte fight. The Analyst may think that he is the most powerful being inhabiting the Matrix, but Agent Smith is easily more powerful than him in The Matrix Resurrections.

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