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Will Rick Grimes Be In The Walking Dead Series Finale (& Should He)?

What does Rick Grimes’ announced spinoff mean for his chances of appearing in The Walking Dead series finale? Will Andrew Lincoln get a cameo?

Given his importance to the series, it’s worth wondering if Rick Grimes will make an appearance in The Walking Dead series finale. It was said when Andrew Lincoln exited the show that he wouldn’t come back to the main show, but the confirmation of his spinoff series puts the possibility of a return back on the table for discussion. Obviously, a Rick Grimes cameo would be a huge moment for the show’s last episode.

Rick’s “death” and subsequent abduction at the hands of the CRM in season 9 forced The Walking Dead to move on without him. But while there are no official plans for him to reunite with Daryl, Maggie, and the others, AMC’s Walking Dead at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 made it clear that Rick does indeed have a future in the franchise. After more than a year of no news on Rick’s Walking Dead movies, it was officially announced that both Rick and Michonne will be back in an untitled spinoff series, which will air sometime after The Walking Dead concludes its eleventh and final season.


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Rick may not appear until his new series debuts in 2023, but his spinoff provides his character with a chance of showing up early. Since a great deal would need to happen for him to cross paths with his old friends at Alexandria, a reunion with Daryl or anyone else is unlikely to occur, but a cameo does seem possible. A scene – perhaps even in the show’s closing minutes – that shows Rick’s whereabouts could work for the finale. Not only would this help hype Rick’s show and provide onscreen assurance that his story is continuing, but it would feel like that something that belongs in the episode. After all, Rick was the star of the series for eight full seasons and deserves at least some level of recognition.

Why A Rick Grimes Cameo Makes Sense For The Walking Dead Finale

With the ongoing war with the Commonwealth being the current focus of The Walking Dead season 11 and how long it’s been since he’s been around, a sudden return to Rick Grimes would run the risk of feeling out of place. However, certain hints in the series suggest that the show is building up to it, which would allow for it to fit perfectly into the story. The show is slowly teasing a moment where Daryl finally discovers that Michonne is looking for Rick, who miraculously survived the explosion on the bridge. Plus, the shot of Daryl holding Rick’s gun indicates that overdue attention to Rick’s absence will be given to The Walking Dead’s remaining eight episodes.

A Rick cameo in The Walking Dead series finale could serve as the culmination of its slow-burning Daryl-Judith story and an excellent way to set up franchise’s future. In fact, there’s a good chance that it’ll lay the groundwork for more than just Rick and Michonne’s spinoff series. Daryl is confirmed to head to Europe after The Walking Dead, and finding Rick is currently the most logical explanation for such a long-distance mission.

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