Pros and cons of playing video games in the evenings

Gaming has been a favorite pastime for people since the 1950s, even though video gaming was a luxury during that era. Thankfully, things have changed as the development of smartphones and consoles has given every ‘Tom and Harry’ the chance to play their favorite games with minimal fuss.

With the accessibility of video games, you can play your favorite titles anytime. However, people often choose this mode of recreation during the evenings. There are several reasons for this, from daily commitments to personal preferences. This article will highlight why evenings are the go-to time of day to play video games.

Reasons why people play video games in the evenings

Playing your favorite games is fun anytime. However, it might prove even more so during the evenings, and here are the main reasons why.

Blow off steam after a stressful workday

For working adults, the pressure in your workplace can be enormous. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the regular American works for approximately 8.8 hours daily.

After a full workday, it is normal to feel exhausted. One of the ways to blow off some steam is to play games you love. Some enjoy playing online real money slots. Others enjoy high-quality FPS games like Counter-Strike, Metro Exodus, Overwatch, and Apex Legends. During gameplay, players can easily forget the stress faced during working hours.

Better immersion

Playing video games in the evenings will prompt you to wear headphones so that you don’t disturb others in your home. This is not only beneficial to those around you but is helpful to your gaming adventure. Headphones allow you to experience more immersive gaming. You can hear the background sounds more clearly. When playing themed games, you get drawn into the world before you. Since you are entirely focused on the screen in front of you, you avoid becoming distracted and losing crucial points.

Major drawback – the link between evening gaming and insomnia

Evening gaming might be great for immersion and recharging energy drained during the day. However, it has also been linked to the sleeping disorder known as insomnia.

According to a study conducted in 2009, people who played games at night experienced increased blood pressure. This research also showed that evening gaming lessened the feeling of sleepiness and reduced brain wave activity responsible for sleep transition in humans.

The group of researchers involved in this study also found that night-time gamers spent longer periods trying to get to sleep. They also experienced reduced REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

What’s next?

Video games are here to stay. With OEMs releasing newer SSD variations for seamless play, gaming is not stopping any time soon.

Although there are benefits to evening gaming, everything is best done in moderation. Video games feature bright lights that can interrupt your sleep cycle and affect you in the long run. A helpful tip is to shut the curtain on your gaming one hour before your regular bedtime.

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