The Best Browser for Online Games

The browser you’re using will determine your online gaming experience. Gamer reviews have revealed that gamers battle glitches, pop-ups, and latency challenges. If you play online blackjack in Australia, you probably understand these statements. So, what is the best browser for online games? Here is a list of five of the best browsers you should consider. The selection was based on reliability, speed, and safety. Read on to find out more.

Google Chrome

Statistically, Google Chrome is the most preferred browser globally. The one thing that makes Google Chrome popular is that it is fast. You can use several metrics to measure a browser’s speed. But, Google Chrome is faster because it auto-blocks any ads violating Coalition for Better Ads guidelines.

Additionally, the browser works flawlessly on mobile devices, offering gamers excellent cross-platform compatibility. When you couple this with fewer pop-ups and faster loading times, Chrome is arguably the best online gaming platform for desktop and mobile gamers.

The only downside with Chrome is RAM hog, particularly if you use multiple tabs. As a result, minimize the number of tabs you open as you enjoy your favorite game.


When you contemplate Safari’s place in gaming, it’s perhaps easy to suggest that it’s the ultimate choice for Mac users, as it’s been created exclusively for Apple devices. But don’t be misled by Safari’s reputation as a default browser; regardless of your OS, it has proven to be an excellent option for Facebook games.

Safari 11 allows you to auto-block videos meaning you’ll have fewer distractions and data drains. Facebook is in the process of ramping up its video ads; therefore, it will be critical for gamers to have a browser that can shut the ads off. The only drawback to this browser is that it no longer supports Flash.

Internet Explorer 11


Internet Explorer 11 is the eleventh, final, and now deprecated version of the Internet Explorer web browser. Internet Explorer has received plenty of criticism because it is not the fastest browser in the market. This criticism is mainly because people grew up with a slow-moving search experience.

IE11 used Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for text and graphics rendering. It was also capable of processing pages with heavy graphics more efficiently. This is an excellent feature for strategy MMO players who enjoy games on their browser with several units and action on-screen simultaneously.

Moreover, since IE is the default browser for older versions of Windows OS, the latest version of the software is compatible with the touch browsing capability of Windows 8. As a result, it is an excellent fit for mobile and tablet gadgets.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is an underused browser in the gaming industry. However, it links excellently with Xbox Live. If you access the browser through the console, you’ll be able to pick up from where you left off in a game. Additionally, it allows you to mute unwanted sounds, read page content audibly, and upload files to your PC.

Edge is an excellent browser for console gamers, particularly gamers who’ve integrated into Microsoft’s Xbox ecosystem. Additionally, Edge uses less RAM than its counterparts, making it ideal for gamers with older systems. The browser’s notable disadvantage is it no longer supports Macromedia’s Flash.


At some point, Firefox was a powerhouse in the browser sector. However, it no longer enjoys the popularity it once had. Nonetheless, it remains one of the safest and most reliable web browsers.

In 2020, it released the Firefox Quantum update making it use less RAM. It has also improved its speeds and works perfectly with VR and AR content. Firefox is the ideal browser for PC gamers as long as you don’t use it to play Flash games.

Bottom Line

Choose the browser ideal for your gaming needs. For instance, Google Chrome is excellent for gamers looking for convenience. However, Firefox is a great choice for gamers playing games with AR and VR content. In short, there is a browser suitable for every gaming need.


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