“We’re Going to See Benghazi 2.0”

After a chaotic start, the 118th Congress is now in full swing and Speaker Kevin McCarthy is reaping what he sowed after a protracted battle with a rogue faction of the Republican caucus. But with a razor-thin GOP majority in the House, Democrats in control of the Senate, and Joe Biden in the White House, expectations are low in the Beltway that any real governance will happen over the next two years. What is to be expected are investigations—a lot of them. 

In this episode of Inside the Hive, Vanity Fair’s politics correspondent Bess Levin and national political reporter Abigail Tracy break down committee shenanigans (they’re poised to probe everything from Hunter Biden to the origins of the COVID pandemic), the “gift that keeps on giving” that is George Santos, and the dangers of a Ron DeSantis presidency—would you rather, him or Donald Trump?

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