Top 10 Ways to Find Your Fitness Motivation

It is natural to have moments where you feel the gym is the last place you want to be, or the hardest thing to do is attempt that fitness program you have been planning to start. In every case, lacking the drive can be a strong, yet not insurmountable, hindrance. So, to overcome that feeling of ‘I just don’t feel like it’, here are ten ways to find your fitness motivation:

Remain Open to Learning

If you are doing it right, exercise can be a valuable source of education. So, if you remain open to continuing education, you are likely to be constantly discovering new interests; and are also more likely to be more engaged in the interim.

Embrace Simplicity

A fitness regimen does not have to be elaborate. Additionally, you don’t need to surround yourself with fancy equipment to complete a good workout. Therefore, a concise and straightforward workout schedule will help you maintain your focus without being overwhelmed, thus increasing the likelihood of executing it.

Set Some Goals

Motivation and goals are symbiotic entities; you can only harness their true power when you take them in tandem. Therefore, while you may have enough motivation to begin a fitness regimen, it will quickly run out without any goals to sustain them. Conversely, without a goal to work towards, you will also lack the drive to make any effort in the first place.

Establish a Routine

When your workout becomes as natural a part of your day as, say, brushing your teeth, then you will be less likely to avoid executing it. So make fitness a habit. The constancy brought about by committing will help keep you motivated, on task, and on track.

Make it Fun

Suppose your workout regimen is more focused on executing a certain number of reps and a particular exercise. If that’s the case, you will find it more challenging to convince yourself to put in the effort. So, as you select a workout program to follow, it may be better to prioritise fun over intensity.


Professionally created fitness programs all deliberately include rest days. These days are vital for your physical and mental recovery. If you skip having rest days, you will deplete your energy and motivation, thus making it more likely to quit.

Make it Social

Sometimes, your motivation has to be externally sourced. So invite a friend or loved one to embark on a fitness program with you. Their companionship will help you maintain your drive and hold you accountable too.

Remind Yourself Why

There is usually a reason you choose to embark on a fitness journey. This cause may also be a good source of motivation when you feel like you don’t have enough drive to proceed. So keep your why as a constant reminder and source of encouragement.

Make an Investment

Sometimes, spending money on something motivates you to utilise it. So try putting a little money towards your fitness. You may subscribe to an exercise program or download an app. It doesn’t have to be an excessive amount, just enough to keep your attention.

Remember the Benefits

If you keep track of how your exercise regimen benefits you, the results may effectively motivate you to keep you going.

While you find your fitness motivation, remember to monitor your nutrition as well. First, of course, you have to ensure that you eat a balanced diet. In addition, you may also consider including supplements in your rotation to help power your workouts. Products like GHOST- WHEY, Cellucor C4, Max’s Max Burn and others can be valuable additions in assisting you during your fitness journey.

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