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Casino games are much loved all around the world, acting as a fun pastime for so many. What’s more, nowadays there’s a whole host of different ways to play, including online – meaning that you can play just about anywhere.

With the new UK online casino Griffon Casino offering so many different games, from the classics to the new age of casino – location has become no object! But if you’re wondering where your favourite game reigns supreme, then you’re in luck. Read on to find out more.


If you’re looking for the best land-based Blackjack experience, then look no further than the fast-paced city-state of Monaco. Recognised as one of the most expensive and wealthiest destinations in the world, the casinos that you’ll find in Monaco are no different!

The Monte Carlo Casino is a true hotspot when you visit this city, particularly if you’re seeking a game or two of Blackjack. Expect to find luxurious gaming tables, colourful chips and a plush set of seats – as well as higher minimum stakes than the majority of casinos and Blackjack tables. And if that wasn’t enough, the casino is also featured in star-studded films and at the top of many tourists’ bucket lists.

Las Vegas

Of course, Las Vegas can be hailed as the casino capital for almost all of the games on offer. Known around the world for hosting the classics, under bright lights and with many famous faces enjoying the nightlife.

Slots are one of the most popular games in Vegas, with a flashing machine found in almost every corner – and not just in casinos. Slot machines will often make an appearance in convenience stores and gas stations, showing just how much the game is loved. Their popularity is mainly down to their simplicity, as all players need to do in order to get the reels spinning is pull a lever or press a button. Similarly, if playing online, just click that “spin” button and the game will begin!

Roulette also features heavily on the Las Vegas gaming scene – another game that can also be hailed for its simplicity. The Mirage Casino is known for offering both American and European Roulette, which allows you to play the game your way.

Or, you could visit The Tropicana Casino, if you’re looking for something a little different. At this casino, you’ll find an unusual Double Ball Roulette game, which involves having two little white balls spinning around the wheel at one time, opening up the game to more betting options and even more excitement.


France is often linked to Roulette, namely due to the fact that the game’s name translates to “little wheel” in French. Understandably, the game is incredibly popular in this country, and they even have their very own version! This is almost identical to the European version of Roulette, however, also contains a couple of additional rules to benefit those that bet on even numbers.

The second-biggest casino game in France is Poker. With so many luxurious casinos to choose from, it’s no wonder that there’s also a wide range of different Poker tournaments that take place in France. For example, the Lyon Vert Casino and The Aviation Club both hold yearly tournaments, with big prizes and celebrity names gracing their tables each year.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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