Choosing Your Perfect Sport: Two Unconventional Ways You Should Know About

Understanding which sport will bring maximum pleasure and benefit is important, but this task is not as easy as it seems at first glance. At first, the most obvious options come to mind – by health and fitness level, based on desired goals, guided by one’s own tastes and availability of free time. However, there are less traditional but workable ways, like selecting sports that are on the top of an online sports betting Canada list. Maybe they will motivate you to try a new sport you have never thought of before and find one you will be passionate about for a lifetime.

Temperament Type

You can choose the perfect sport based on your personality type. For example, unhurried and quickly tired melancholic fit quiet sports – Nordic walking, horseback riding, figure skating, sport shooting. If a melancholic has trouble expressing his feelings, then psychologists recommend trying dance as a way of non-verbal expression of emotion. 

Persistent and intellectual phlegmatic should pay attention to the activities that require not only the application of endurance, but also the mind. Especially good ones where you need to calculate each of your steps and do everything very consciously. Long-distance running, biathlon, yoga, tai-chi, rock climbing or free diving will do.

Cholerics should try a sport that is competitive in nature and allows you to splash out excess energy. However, keep in mind that people with a temperament do not really know how to play in a team, so it is more likely to suit boxing, any kind of wrestling, fencing, tennis, squash, as well as extreme sports like dirt bike or surfing.

Sanguine people who prefer to combine any of their activities with communication will like team sports, as well as physical activities where relationships with other athletes occupy a large place. This can include any sport – from beach volleyball and marathons to kitesurfing and snowboarding, sanguine much more important with whom he does the sport and how much company of people involved in the process.

Blood Type

The owners of the first blood type are made for active sports. All kinds of running, from marathon distances to interval training will suit them perfectly. A variety of wrestling, such as the fashionable Krav Maga, Thai boxing or Brazilian capoeira can be an excellent and interesting alternative to classes in the gym.

The representatives of the second blood group are more suitable for quiet, but power sports like yoga, including such interesting directions as “hot” Bikram yoga or aero yoga in a hammock. Swimming, rollerblading, cross-country skiing, ice skating, mountain climbing and hiking are all good options.

Third blood type owners are great in the saddle, so horseback riding will be fine. As well as different types of cycling – from quiet walks to road races and mountain bikes. Representatives of this blood type are also excellent with edged weapons. 

As for the fourth blood group, it combines features of the first, second and third. For its representatives the main enemy in fitness is boredom. Therefore, you should not get hung up on any one sport. Even if you’ve chosen your sport, it’s worth trying different directions, so as not to get tired of the monotonous loads.

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