Not only a bad attitude but now a playoff disaster – what now for Aaron Rodgers?

There has been a lot of debate regarding what’s next for Aaron Rodgers after the Packers lost their match against the San Francisco 49ers. This loss was very significant, as it resulted in them being eliminated from the NFL playoffs. It is this type of uncertainty that makes the NFL intriguing for bettors who want to place the odd bet.

Rodgers already has a Super Bowl win in his career, along with an 11-10 playoff record. However, he made subtle hints about leaving town, in his press conference held before the game. This comes after he requested a trade in the last off-season and stayed away from minicamp before eventually returning.

The MVP has an uncertain future ahead after this loss and could leave the Packers for good. Here’s a look at all you need to know concerning Rodgers’ uncertain next moves in the future.

What does Rodgers think is next?

When asked about what he thinks about his future with the Packers after the loss, Rodgers stated that he would take some time before he delved into what was next. He added that he was going to have conversations with a few people around there and determine his next move.

Rodgers has admitted that the thought of retirement has previously crossed his mind, but he does not feel he is ready. This is even more confusing because he has a chance to get his second MVP.

But when reflecting on things in the broader sense, Rodgers stated that he felt things would look different going forward. He said the team had a lot of decisions to make, considering that there were many talented players with opportunities. Even though he was frustrated and disappointed about its ending, he was still thankful for the season.

Rodgers also said that he is not going to use his decisions to hold back his team and that for him to keep moving forward, the decision will be made quickly. Rodgers went on to add that one of the major factors that will guide his decisions is health. Over the years, he has suffered numerous challenges, including being positive for Covid-19 and having fractured a toe. This affected him for the rest of the season but gradually improved.

How do the Packers feel?

The Packers say that they still want Rodgers back. According to Matt LaFleur, the club’s head coach, they want him to return for the 18th season. LaFleur stated that it would be crazy for the team not to want him back, considering he would be a two-time MVP. He also added that  Rodgers does a lot for the team and that his only major disappointment was that they could not get the win.

Will Aaron leave?

Sometimes, it just gets to the point where a change is needed, and that seems like where the Packers and Aaron are now. This is because having him back will just be a repeat of what has been happening until now. Many people, including numerous sports analysts, feel that the Packers need to cut ties with Aaron and move on. However, there is also a possibility for a trade, which will be great for both the Packers and Aaron.

This may be the Packers’ move to reduce the impact of the potential financial implications. Aaron’s contract was reconstructed over the summer, with a void year included for 2023. This means he won’t be eligible for the franchise once the next season is over. The Packers also put together the contract to help it save almost $20m if they had to trade Rodgers before June 2022. Due to this, many people speculate that Rodgers will request a trade this off-season.

If Aaron decides to continue playing away from the Packers, he may have many contenders after his services. These include the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and others.

Will Rodgers retire?

Finally, there is a possibility that Aaron could retire and save what is left of his legacy. This is considering the statement he made about how much longer he wants to keep going. But this is also very unlikely since Rodgers is driven by his opportunity to get a second MVP.

There are so many factors to consider that it is impossible to determine his next move. Every option is open until Rodgers himself confirms his next decision. But regardless of what decision is made, it is certain that both Aaron and the Packers fans will remain on good terms.

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