TOP 3 Names NY Yankees Could Pick Up This Season

Baseball fans and teams are looking forward to the exciting crop of MLB free agents available this winter as the 2021 season comes to a close. A lot of money will be spent on young shortstops like Carlos Correa and Corey Seager and future Hall of Fame pitchers like Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw.

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Carlos Rodon

TOP 3 Names NY Yankees Could Pick Up This Season 02

We’re finally getting there. Even though Sports Illustrated switched their prediction from the Cardinals to the Red Sox in the middle of the lockout, Boston has already filled out their rotation with one-year bounce back candidates (Rich Hill, Michael Wacha) and will also have to decide between Tanner Houck and Garrett Whitlock, who is now firmly entrenched in the Joba Chamberlain Zone. He has the potential to be a starter. But how are you going to get rid of him as a reliever?! It’s a brain teaser.

The specialists believe that the Yankees have a better shot than most of the league feels. Before the lockout, there was allegedly interest, with New York willing to pay Justin Verlander upwards of $40 million for a two-year post-Tommy John deal at the age of 39.

Would they be willing to give Rodon a comparable deal with a third-year thrown in? As the year progressed, he lost steam, but he still placed sixth in the Cy Young voting. He’d be a significant risk, but if he stays healthy, he’d be a huge help.

Seiya Suzuki

TOP 3 Names NY Yankees Could Pick Up This Season 03

Suzuki has been being coy for weeks, listening to Koji Uehara slam Gerrit Cole on his podcast and acting innocent the whole time, but he knows precisely where he’s headed. A Japanese story claimed that a Boston signing was a done deal, but a counter-report claimed that Boston had backed out and Suzuki would be heading to the West Coast.

Hunter Renfroe was traded at the eleventh hour by Boston for a reason. It would also make sense if the Red Sox were the only team allowed to make trades during the lockout, ostensibly because MLB loves them so much. Dillweed’s, your secret is out.

Freddie Freeman

TOP 3 Names NY Yankees Could Pick Up This Season 04

Why should they do it now if they haven’t already? Why would the Braves add a sixth year if they haven’t already? Especially since, according to what we’ve heard, a Matt Olson deal is also on the table for them.

The Yankees, Dodgers, and Braves will battle it out, but even though all the momentum is now pointing away from Atlanta, we believe these two crazy kids will prevail.

Even if the Yankees declined to trade Oswald Peraza before the lockout, Olson appears to be the overwhelming favorite to make the Opening Day roster. And, in our opinion, the Dodgers will put their money elsewhere rather than signing Freeman for his final long-term chapter in California.

Though Freeman’s son Charlie may request that the team move to the NL West to see his hero Fernando Tatis Jr. more frequently, we believe he will stick with what he knows.

We look at when MLB free agency begins, how the expired CBA will impact this offseason, and who the most excellent free agents are.

Players become free agents the day after the World Series ends. According to MLB rules, free agents can only sign with a new team five days after the World Series. During this time, couples have an exclusive five-day window to negotiate with their approaching free-agent players.

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the qualifying offer for the upcoming MLB free agency class of 2021-’22 will be $18.4 million. It’s a slight drop from last winter’s total of $18.9 million, showing a wave of teams cutting costs. Players have until December 1 to accept or reject a qualifying offer (when the CBA expires).

The following 13 MLB free agents received the qualifying offer.

  • Brandon Belt, San Francisco Giants (accepted)
  • Nick Castellanos, Cincinnati Reds (rejected)
  • Michael Conforto, New York Mets (rejected)
  • Noah Syndergaard, New York Mets (signed with Angels)
  • Carlos Correa, Houston Astros (rejected)
  • Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves (rejected)
  • Raisel Iglesias, Los Angeles Angels (rejected)
  • Robbie Ray, Toronto Blue Jays (rejected)
  • Marcus Semien, Toronto Blue Jays (rejected)
  • Corey Seager, Los Angeles Dodgers (rejected)
  • Chris Taylor, Los Angeles Dodgers (rejected)
  • Eduardo Rodriguez, Boston Red Sox (signed with Tigers)
  • Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies (rejected)
  • Justin Verlander, Houston Astros (re-signed with Astros)


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