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The internet has become almost as important as the air we breathe or the food we eat. It facilitates almost every single aspect of our lives, be it travel, work, socializing, shopping, or anything else.

Being of such high importance, it only makes sense to subscribe to the most reliable internet service imaginable. Especially, when you are living in one of the busiest states in the country i.e. Florida, you simply cannot compromise on your home internet service.

Thus, we thought to take it upon ourselves to guide you toward the right internet service provider in the state of Florida. Discussed below are some of the most prominent internet service providers in Florida and a few of their plans. Let’s get started!


First up, you would be interested in knowing about the amazing internet services provided by Optimum Internet. It is one of the finest internet service providers in the country and hosts a plethora of features that make the service worth subscribing to.

This service provider offers download speeds as high as up to 1 Gbps with upload speeds on the lower side, considering it’s a Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network. Moreover, you will also find access to a nationwide network of dedicated 1 million Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots that ensure connectivity on the go for all Optimum customers.

In addition to offering blazing-fast internet speeds, the service also offers additional features like whole-home Wi-Fi and strong security controls that complete the internet experience in any home. And the internet is not the only service worth subscribing from this service provider. The service provider also offers an exceptional TV channel lineup in its TV service that you might want to bundle with the internet connection.

Here, you would be interested in subscribing to the Internet 200 + Core TV bundle for a starting price of $109.99 per month, you can enjoy up to 300 Mbps download speeds, a TV channel lineup having more than 220 amazing TV channels, and free HBO  Max for 30 months. You could even add the Optimum home phone service for an additional $10/mo. and enjoy unlimited local and long-distance calling anytime. You may even reduce your monthly bill by $5 via autopay and paperless billing.


Next, you might find Xfinity Internet a worthy competitor to the service provider mentioned above and countless others in the country. The ISP has already convinced millions of people across its 40 service states in the US of its reliable hybrid fiber-cable internet service.

Depending upon the plan you subscribe to, from this internet service provider, you may find access to download speeds as high as up to 1200 Mbps, which is safe to say is more than sufficient to support high-performance gaming, non-stop binge-watching, and unlimited web surfing.

Furthermore, the service hosts a ton of value-adding features like the Xfinity xFi Gateway that offers home Wi-Fi management including parental control and an app along with advanced security for protection against cyberthreats. You may even upgrade to xFi Complete equipment for an additional fee to enjoy unlimited data allowance along with sophisticated Wi-Fi coverage. Without the upgrade, Xfinity internet plans come with a 1.2 TB monthly data allowance.

Xfinity offers multiple speed tiers, starting from 50 Mbps, multiple channel lineup choices, and Xfinity Voice. So you could build your ideal bundle that suits your needs and budget. Xfinity prices vary across locations, so you may have to contact Xfinity customer service for accurate prices at your address. Plus, you’ve got the option to choose a contract or a contract-free agreement. But you’ll be charged less if you sign a 1-year contract with Xfinity.


Cable, DSL, and fiber-optic internet technologies are not the only reliable internet services serving in the United States. If you find the above services not performing up to the mark or not available at your address, then you might want to turn to a satellite internet connection.

HughesNet Internet is a satellite internet connection that utilizes an entirely different technology. Instead of depending upon large infrastructures, and long service cables, this form of connectivity is transmitted to your devices directly from satellites orbiting in space.

As a result, this internet service proves to be reliable in even the most remote rural locations in the country. Though it would not offer blazing-fast download speeds as high as up to 1 Gbps, it is still capable of offering download speeds of 25 Mbps, which is quite decent when you do not have any other internet options in the region.

However, the downside of a satellite internet connection is that it is significantly affected by extreme weather conditions. In case of blizzards and hurricanes, you might face poor download speeds or lose connectivity completely even.


There rarely is a soul on the planet that has not heard the name AT&T. AT&T has grown to become one of the biggest names in the internet and TV industry with its remarkable portfolio of exceptional services.

With AT&T Internet, you have the option to subscribe to a few different kinds of broadband. Here, you can access IPBB, fiber-optic, fixed wireless, and wireless internet services, all of which provide unique advantages to the subscriber.

While fiber-optic internet is the technology that is great if you want symmetrical internet speeds, wireless mobile broadband proves to be the logical option for people on the go. And IPBB, which uses a mixture of DSL-Fiber technologies, would make more sense if your internet usage is not that hardcore. Fixed wireless is for rural residents with limited connectivity options.

AT&T also offers an exceptional TV channel lineup in its satellite TV service known as DIRECTV. DIRECTV also happens to have a streamable version known as DIRECTV Stream with similar TV channels at its disposal.

Among several remarkable bundle deals from AT&T, you should consider the AT&T Fiber + DIRECTV Stream Entertainment Double Play plan. It combines the best of both worlds by offering symmetric internet speeds as high as up to 300 Mbps and a TV channel lineup with more than 65 amazing TV channels.


Cox Internet has been in the industry for quite some time now. This service provider offers all three services that are the internet, cable TV, and phone, to ensure that a consumer does not need to look anywhere else for any of them.

If we consider the internet side of this service provider, you will find access to download speeds as high as up to 1000 Mbps with the upload speeds a bit low. Moreover, the Cox hybrid fiber-cable internet service comes with a 1 TB monthly data allowance, capable of supporting virtually limitless online activities. The internet service also comes with several tempting side benefits such as a panoramic Wi-Fi to ensure whole-home connectivity and a dedicated Panoramic app to provide easy control over the network.

Then there is the TV service and the phone service. The TV service holds more than 250 amazing TV channels belonging to genres like comedy, action, news, sports, and countless others. In addition, there are a plethora of exciting on-demand titles that make the TV experience way more interesting.

While we could recommend subscribing to a standard plan from Cox, the service provider takes pride in giving the freedom of customizing their plans to the customer. Customers can choose the service they wish to enjoy and pay for a bundle unique to their own needs.


Next, we would like to tell you about the internet services offered by Windstream Internet. The service provider offers both DSL and fiber-optic internet services and consumers may enjoy either of them based on their region and required usage.

If we talk about its Kinetic Internet, the service provider offers access to download speeds as high as up to 1 Gbps, which is more than sufficient for every online activity imaginable. The available speeds and prices vary across locations, so you may have to contact the Windstream customer service for plans available at your address. Moreover, you would find comfort in additional features like a 30-day money-back guarantee, widespread internet coverage, and an exceptional customer service team.

Additionally, the service provider also does not restrict customers with suffocating monthly data limits to ensure that all users have connectivity throughout the month. Whether you want to play multiplayer games, stream videos, or connect smart devices in your home, Windstream is capable of handling all of them simultaneously.


There rarely is an internet service provider that delivers on their promise of a dependable connection and blazing-fast internet speeds. Luckily, there are internet service providers like EarthLink Internet in the mix that do stay faithful to their customers and deliver on this promise efficiently.

Founded way back in 1994, EarthLink has now grown to become one of the largest internet service providers in the country. The service provider primarily offers two types of internet connections: DSL and fiber-optic. However, EarthLink also offers different broadband, depending on the network type in that area.

If we talk about internet speeds, EarthLink’s fiber-optic internet service provides users with download speeds as high as up to 1Gbps, and the upload speeds are equally fast since this technology ensures symmetrical speeds throughout the network. Though, if you need a slightly less ambitious internet connection for small households, then EarthLink offers 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps speeds via its DSL connection.

The best part about all EarthLink internet plans is that none of them come with a monthly data limit. You may enjoy unlimited streaming, gaming, and browsing all the live day long. Here, you might find its standalone internet service worth subscribing to the most. The EarthLink HyperLink 1000 Mbps plan enables users to enjoy up to 1 Gbps download and upload speed with the possibility for more than 10 users to connect to the network without affecting the network’s performance. And all this may be enjoyed for a minimum starting price of $99.95 per month.


There can never be a shortage of options when considering the right internet service provider for your home. Thus, CenturyLink Internet is another remarkable internet service provider available in the state of Florida.

If you prefer living in a smart home where almost every gadget is connected to the network, then CenturyLink may be more to your liking. The service provider offers DSL and fiber-optic internet plans. DSL plans download speeds range up to 100 Mbps with speeds availability varying as per network capacity in that area. Fiber-optic, on the other hand, is more straightforward with symmetrical internet speeds of 940 Mbps.  And the best part about all of them is that none of them come with an unlimited monthly data allowance so that you may use the internet lavishly.

Furthermore, there are various value-adding features offered by this internet service provider. A few prominent of them include a fast in-home Wi-Fi, freedom from annual contracts, and no overage fees.

If we talk about CenturyLink’s Gigabit plan, it comes at a minimum starting price of $65 per month and can support non-stop 4K video streaming, lag-free gaming, and unlimited downloads for every user on the network.


Finally, you might also find the internet services offered by Frontier Internet. The service provider offers both fiber-optic and DSL internet services, each with its own benefits to offer. Not only does this service provider offer lightning-fast internet speeds to the user, but also keeps them free from any hidden fees whatsoever. The download speeds go as high as up to 940 Mbps, and if your plan is a fiber-optic one, then you may also enjoy a similar upload speed on the network.

The service provider understands that wireless connectivity is a basic necessity nowadays. That is why, here, you will find access to a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi router without any additional or hidden costs in the subscription. Moreover, the completely free Frontier Secure® facility keeps multiple devices on your network secure and safe from different kinds of cyber threats lurking online.

How to Subscribe to These Internet Service Providers?

You do not need to do much to subscribe to any of these internet service providers. Nor do you have to go asking your neighbors about the one that will best serve your internet needs. All you need to do is visit the BuyTVInternetPhone platform and all your queries shall be resolved.

This platform hosts a rich collection of the biggest internet and TV service providers in the country. Upon entering the platform, you just need to enter the Zip code where you require connectivity, and it will provide all the available internet service providers in the region. Then, you just pick the internet service you like and subscribe to it instantaneously. It is as simple as that.

All Things Considered

There are numerous internet service providers catering to the residents of Florida. However, the ones mentioned above are bound to provide you with the best internet service amongst them all. So make sure to check out each one of them before subscribing to one.

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