New YouTube feature is handy for viewers but not so great for content creators

YouTube has launched a new feature that lets viewers see the most-watched parts of any given video, signified by a semi-translucent graph that appears above the video’s progress bar.

Announced on the official YouTube community site, the feature is rolling out now across Android and iOS devices, as well as on desktop. The automated graph, which is driven entirely by community engagement, is joined by a handful of other new features brought to YouTube, including a dedicated video loop function and auto-generated video chapters.

So, how does this new graph work? While seeking through a video via its progress bar, you’ll see the graph appear just above it, stretching across the length of the video display. Higher bumps in the graph indicate parts of the video that viewers watch back the most. This, in theory, highlights either the best or most interesting parts of any given video.

(Image credit: Google / YouTube)

The feature could prove to be a boon for regular viewers, especially those who might be shorter on time than others. Examples of how it can come in handy include being able to identify and skip straight to a YouTuber’s initial reaction to a big announcement, or even the best parts of a football highlights reel.

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