Sony’s PS5 Trophies might be better than Xbox Achievements now

If you’re a fan of collecting PS5 Trophies, like me, Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 system update gives the shiny virtual accolades some much-needed care and attention. In fact, I think they’ve now surpassed Xbox Achievements in terms of functionality and appeal.

First of all, it’s now possible to actually see your Trophies easily. Sony has thankfully backtracked on its short-sighted decision to make each game’s Trophy list horizontal, which led to information being cut off for each accolade, and also turned navigating your collection into a miserable experience. 

Much like it was on PS4, the Trophy list is now presented vertically (thank God) – and it looks infinitely better as a result. It’s also easier to see when you unlocked a certain Trophy, along with its rarity.

(Image credit: Sony)

The next change, albeit a more minor one, is that you can now access your Trophies mid-game that little bit quicker. The upcoming PS5 system update (which is still in beta) lets you customize the PS5’s Game Center, which appears whenever you hit the PlayStation button. It means you can now move your Profile closer to the left-hand side, meaning it takes fewer steps and button presses before you’re cheerily perusing your trophy cabinet.

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