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The Best Digital Games we’ve Played in 2021

The Best Digital Games we’ve Played in 2021

We’ve already discussed and defined the very best tabletop games of 2021, but as everyone knows, there’s a lot more to the gaming industry than board games. What about their digital cousins? Which of 2021’s releases have impressed us the most when it comes to gaming online across PC, consoles, and mobile?

Let’s take a look!

Gaming’s Year in Review 

The global gaming industry has had yet another superb year in terms of growth and development. Following on from 2020’s massive surge in the popularity of gaming, the industry is now well on track to be worth $180 billion by the end of December 2021.

The year has brought about some excellent new gaming experiences, both in terms of the games that have been released and the ways in which we can play them. Cloud gaming services have expanded with the likes of Amazon and NVIDIA jumping on board the train, the eSports market is setting new records, and the next-gen consoles are showcasing exactly what’s possible with advanced technology.

While we’ve not exactly been inundated with brand new games in the way that we have in previous years, 2021 has actually been a great year to rediscover some gaming classics as well as appreciate the new games that we have been introduced to.

So, without further ado, here are the games that we just haven’t been able to stop playing in 2021.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Let’s start with this 2013 vintage. Yes, the game is nearly eight years old, but even in 2021, it hasn’t been off our consoles. Set in Los Santos, this online multiplayer provides a whole wealth of additional content, including car races and exciting deathmatches, alongside the main gameplay.

It’s not just us who feel this way, however. There’s a whole sub-culture within the gaming community that makes use of GTA Online’s roleplay servers for improvised stories and gameplay.

Radiohead: Kid A Mnesia Exhibition

Part game, part online exhibition, all-around unique experience, this is a celebration of Radiohead’s re-released classics Kid A and Amnesiac. When we first started playing this gaming experience we hadn’t come across anything like it before, and probably won’t again.

While there are no levels to complete or storylines to follow, this virtual museum nevertheless offers exploration, reflection, and interaction with the peculiar objects and inhabitants of its Byzantine-esque structure.

Tomb of Ra

Tomb of Ra, which is one of several exclusive titles available on the PokerStars Casino platform, takes the prize for being the best iGaming effort we’ve played in 2021. Capturing everything that makes online slots gaming so exciting, including super-low minimum wagers and an RTP of 96.22%, this game features smooth reel spins, stunning visuals, and fun, ancient Egyptian sound effects.

Resident Evil Village

We’ve been waiting for some time for a truly terrifying installment in this long-standing franchise and it was finally delivered in the form of Resident Evil Village. Seriously, we haven’t been this affected by an RE game since 2005’s Resident Evil 4.

It’s not a game for the faint-hearted, but if you’re a horror fan this one plays out like the greatest hits of chiller movie tropes. You’ve got the vampire-infested gothic mansion, a twisted dolls house, body horror to the nth degree, and of course, that compelling gameplay the franchise is renowned for.

Destiny 2

Time for another game from the archives, this time in the form of the OG games-as-a-service exponent, Destiny 2. This sprawling shooter still delivers some of the greatest combat scenes in modern gaming as well as stunning visuals, great gaming mechanics, and exciting multiplayer options. Even better, this game that was formerly only available for the hefty price of $60 is now available to play online for free. That’s right, at absolutely no cost to you.

If multiplayer’s not your thing Destiny 2 has a pretty neat Crucible PvP mode, which pits you against the system in a series of grind matches. Like most games of this genre, if this is where your tastes lie then it’s a game you’ll quickly fall in love with. If not, just check out some of the wonders we’ve listed above!

The Best Digital Games we’ve Played in 2021

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